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Village Education Project

A Educational Hub of Excellent Skills Development and Production

2015 Publication extended

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Train Quality Education
Experience for Hands on Trade Skills
Necessary Theory, Enterprising, Financials, Health and Behavioural Discipline required for the N Q F Qualifications and Equivalent Levels
Enabling Entry to the Industrial, Commercial, Building and Farming Industry for Self or Employment
Better Knowledge and Experience for Hundreds of Practically Minded Entrepreneurs


The village’s vision, mission and objective is educating production skills. The purpose of this project is to train quality education and experience for hands on trade skills alongside the necessary theory, enterprising, financials, health and behavioural discipline required for the N Q F qualifications and equivalent levels enabling entry to the industrial, commercial, building and farming industry for self or employment with a very good to better standard of knowledge and experience for hundreds of practically minded entrepreneurs and thousands of better skilled employees. Male and female. Skills learners of all nationalities will learn hands on trades for durations of 6 to 36 months allowing for further training and education after village graduation improving knowledge and employment. Trainee learners will be housed, fed, clothed, trained and educated at minimal cost. (2015 version suggested less cost.)
Forward enrolment costing will be very reasonable, but in aliment with State, Province, municipality, S A R S, village executives and partners. The applicant trainee learner will freely and voluntarily accept the concept of eagerly, willingly, capability, accountability and strict discipline resulting into consequences and punitive outcomes for any disorder and or non-compliance.

All should and the village will strive for a stress free purpose together with you, the State and industry collectively resulting into a pleasant objective of future employment allowing all and especially the artisan and farming learner to feed, educate and cherish their future family and assisting their home community. The applicant learner will have obtained a grade 12 certificate, aged 25 to 30 wishing to learn the hands on manufacturing and appropriated theoretical subjects. Arithmetic, maths, mechanical, technical, social behaviour, management, economics and understanding the reading and lessons.
There will also be as many openings for grade 9 to 11 for various similar positions of shorter duration for an internal certificate of achievement, this group is not excluded from a N Q F qualification and or electing a trade of choice available at the time. The various trades and especially the many farming sections will expand and widen as time, resources and needs arise.

The employer, learner and employee will work and study in very stable and favourable conditions of satisfaction. Most learners could study further after village graduation at a university or preferably during employment furthering academic and trade studies which could result into a degree earning equivalent and better than most at the same level. Our learners will have received a better knowledge and ability with better employment opportunity. The village will offer the local and worldwide industrialist the very best and favourable production conditions of stability and non-interference developing into a good return as also an excellent distribution for local and exports.
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The village and executive financialise will be the management and custodian of the entire village project, the project will be managed very similar to a major or a reasonably large company with 25/35000 PLUS inhabitants. The village and executive investors will collectively attend to the substantial financial investment and management decisions. A corm from the investment company will meet at least once a year on-site. This is a reasonably large undertaking; management will embrace the wisdom from all the partners as advisers to the CEO, followed by the village personnel. The thought involves the many village inhabitants, so all may contribute, be and feel part of and assist in keeping a good relationship between all village members which will include the employer, employee, students, active spouse and senior learners.

The financials will be ongoing discussions between the executive investors soonest upon receiving documented acceptance and assurances as envisaged and stipulated in the following chapters from the surrounding community, as also Provincial and Parliament. The village task team will select the most suitable and secure land site having access to ESKOM, sufficient water, road and rail. We will later consider an airstrip for light aircraft. A substantial KVA power line will be needed for the village’s main substation. The village’s electrical department will commission and distribute all the villages electrical needs, installations and maintenance. (Also skills education.)

Railage will be discussed with the appropriated departments once a site has been identified and secured. The village will need to establish a delivery and receiving railage platform and possibly a future passenger platform. The village will construct all the internal railage and platforms as time and needs arise. The task team will consist of suitably qualified persons from industry, civil and building construction, commerce, metallography, engineering, farming, legal, financial, medical and education. The task team will negotiate and finalise the purchasing of a suitable land site from Province, State or other together with the necessary State discussions for the planning and development of the various services, as also discussions and strategies for compiling and scrutinising all aspects for local and world-wide associates and marketing strategies. The village will be requiring a mountain of consultation and advice from him & her who have the appropriated time & talent, especially farm, industrial, health, water, solar power, justice, education and other necessary resources followed by potential employer investors for the many trades and factory workshops which will speedily expand into the newest technical production. Learners will be enrolled by Municipal, Province, State, village & commerce.

The surrounding communities will gain by assistance, talent and selective projects, but MUST very eagerly approve and welcome the project together with the very best blessings from all, especially the surrounding communities. All must be enthusiast, free-thinking, willingly and wanting to be associated with the project, enabling intelligent education of the future. Also assuring that the site is not at present or a past historical ancestral sensitive area. No past burial sites etcetera. The village together with the departments of “DHET”, “DTI”, education, labour, justice, health SAQA, and others will be involved with the program.

This extended version will be resent as a new and or a reminder to Province and State for the acquisition of a land site allowing for farming and industrial development to accommodate the village concept. Province, State and other landowners are welcome to discuss land for sale to accomplish this village project as described and stipulated in the chapters. 2000-hectare, the site will be conducive for the construction and farming necessaries, the terrain will have a river or continuous stream adjacent or through the site, the village will also need to establish a substantial stone quarry- crusher and sieves as a very necessary part of the village.

The village will teach and educate the new artisan learner how to become a successful entrepreneur, self-employed, supervisor or competent employee. The new entrepreneur will be thinking drastically differently to the presently offered thinking. This is fully explained on other pages. The willing and enthusiastic artisan learner will be helped to generate new thoughts and ideas. The village will unravel, trial, develop and promote the most unthinkable of tomorrow. The village will have the collective capacity to produce the most unthinkable and modern future requirements together with you and any other interested South African and also worldwide. ( CSIR. SABS. Silicon Valley.) Only a small number of motivated potential entrepreneur will immediately become an entrepreneur with the necessary to establish and maintain a successful business, all learners will be taught and know exactly what is expected and allowing for further education and experience where necessary. The village will instil and help the learner develop together and alongside their laptop or similar communication, soonest. The village will investigate a village communications network, similar to the cell phone and web design, this could include a radio frequency. The ideas coming up are incredible. “HELP US”.

Learners will be very disadvantaged should they not have access to some means of the village online lessons, now and later after graduation, especially the rural formers. Costs of online communication are expensive, forbidding. South Africa can compete together with the executive, investing employer, corporate, country, business or individual who can expect a reasonable return. Further chapters will progressively be added as interest is generated from interested employer partners, municipalities, Province and State. The project is very foreign to the average reader and probably many others. This advanced method of education will strengthen our workforce and economy creating a very different future outlook to life and self as a more enlightened skilled economy and drastically reducing unemployment. The village institution will be very similar to the University of Technology but will expand into a very-very much more professional educational and business-oriented development for South Africa together with worldwide executives. The village will be established almost anywhere in South Africa. However, the village will be a very long distance away from the city, town or rural village, but also with the very best blessings from the distant communities.

The village will want a stream or river alongside or through the site, this will be a very necessary need. The village will want and need to construct a water canal for feeding our farming and water purification plant, and disposal purification work and other necessities without harm to the fisheries and or similar environmental sensitive plant and creatures. Discussions with the distant communities will include strategies for and the enrolling of qualifying learners who will follow all the internal rules together with any other applicant artisan learner. The learner will be unemployed. Commerce employees will be admitted by arrangement.

State parastatal, municipal employees, their family and direct relatives are excluded from enrolment. The appointed municipal official and or person will be responsible for enrolling qualifying learner and that office will be cancelled in the event of recommending unqualified learners. This sentence is further discussed elsewhere. Inquire. Although the village will be a very necessary and educational blessing to the many willing and dedicated learners, the village is not a welfare organisation and will not tolerate any misuse of the village. South Africa is yet a very racist community and very divided by status, money, obsession, colour, legality, labour laws, but most of all, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WISDOM. The village will educate the young adult for a prospers and intelligent future.

The employer, employee and skills learners will co-exist in the most pleasant stress-free learning, working and living conditions the village and occupants can and will develop and foster. PLEASE, remember, pleasant stress-free learning and working goes hand in hand with willingness, ability and responsibility. Stop blaming, start doing and educate yourself. YOU CAN. All have talent; the question is how to identify that talent. He or she who does not know where they are going will never get there or anywhere. The village will endeavour to uncover your talent and match this to a skill. The learner will and must absorb a meaningful skill of choice in a very short duration of time resulting in a very disciplined and educated future. The village occupants must and will work and learn in the most relaxed frame of mind and soul You and the village can master. Health, happiness and wisdom. Anger and revolt is the bodyguard against fear or favour.

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