Chapter 10

2015 Publication extended

Employees & Learners

This project is for the capable temporary unemployed to be education and trained in one of the many various artisan skills allowing entry to the building, manufacturing, farming, and commerce. The village is a productive orientated self-sustaining college of learning as a source of skills trades educated to join our industries with creative ideas of hands-on for self or collectively including our national manufacturers.

Full accommodation, clothing, and lessons are within the confines of the village. The rollover duration will start as soon as 6 months which will depend on future (STATE) circumstances, discussions, and results. Misbehaviour or damaging will be quelled immediately and by force if necessary, resulting into very harsh consequences where applicable. We will never tolerate strikes, disorder, or hooligans.

Anywho reject harsh or corporal punishment without an equivalent deterrent must NOT apply, simply stay away. The village will definitely not allow any persons to damage property or person. Dismissing or jailing one will not resolve or be a solution to any disorder. Such a person or persons will be physically and medically appraised against the original application; welfare, justice, and HR departments will report and suggest a remedy. In the possible event of corporal punishment, this will be in the presence of security, a magistrate, and a doctor.

The above sentence may sound eval. This is not and will never be the intention of the village, but we will definitely not tolerate hooligans or others that cause unrest, suggest an alternative. Agree or simply stay away. The trainee learners are enrolled throughout South Africa. Willingness, capability, accountability, very voluntary and discipline is however most important and necessary.

Learners are enrolled at the expense of the village, factory workshops, and possibly a potential state department. The institution is for hands-on learning. All learners, students, and employees must understand the rules as explained during application and interviews. It would be gratifying to later learn of the many completed learners who excelled and applied their experiences with others successfully. It is envisaged that a number of the graduate learners would be eligible to a university to further engineering, agricultural, water, and also the many other avenues of trade and farming.
All education offered will be nationally recognised. The village will be accepting workers from industry provided they comply with the very stern rules of the village. This is not the place to discuss the advantages for the various business and the opportunities for a trade’s learner. The village is compiling a program for the under grades resulting into a selection of shorter duration that will need expanding on after leaving the village or a subject not included in the NQF but a certificate of duration, attendance, and achievements.

All will have access to a variety of add-on education. The shorter subject’s would-be hairdressing, housekeeping, dressmaking, beekeeping, gardening, chef, cookery, bar men / ladies, waiters, chamber maidens, farming, and many other similar occupations together with all the necessary full time practical and theory. N Q F and R P L. Recognition of prior learning is not only for trades but applies to almost any and every occupation attached to the S.A education certificate. The enrolling learner will be informed and guided.

The village must be acknowledged by parliament and the surrounding communities who will gain by the ample assisted knowledge, ideas, and partnerships offered. The village and labour department will discuss and agree on a proposed employment strategy to the satisfaction of both employer and learner on joining a new employer. (This will probably be a trial period such as an apprentice or other contract with very little to no union or labour laws attachments.)

South Africa and its people are of the friendliest and of the best COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Regardless of all the shortcomings, grumbling and defending against anything and everything, life is exciting, jubilant, and full of opportunities to the eager wanting, and willing. South Africa will soon advance on the industrial development and expansion waiting only for the state to manage their squabbling and disciplined equalling prosperity to all trusting the political obsessions will be resolved to the benefit of all.

The very overprotected and selective labour laws must be re-evaluated to the benefit of all of South Africa. South Africa will N O T prosper until all share in the same sunshine, responsibilities, education, loyalty, respect, and consequences with responses and punitive actions are very necessary.
Industry cannot harbour an employee who do not perform willingly or willfully hides behind unrealistic labour laws. Regardless, the reality is, poverty has increased due to lack of education, mostly due to noncompliance and partly due to selective regulations. Education and common sense should prevail. Soon will.

The state is punishing the so-called capitalist businesses and their operations. WHY? The state has somehow not read the nursery rhyme, “The duck that lay the golden eggs”. Feed, cherish and pamper the duck realistically, the duck will willingly lay golden eggs regularly for YOU. Your needs will be granted without pressure to or from the duck. The State does not have or ever had a constructive, comprehensive, sustainable working program or strategy of any significance to build upon or to follow for South Africa or any other clearly defined objective.

Obsessions yes, plenty. South Africa is yet a very racist community and the soonest the State and the politicians stop using racist slogans for gain and popularity the sooner we will all share in the same sunshine and prosperity. South Africa has the funds and talent to prosper but will NOT attract the necessary investments, education, and new technology or diminish unemployment while the country’s businesses are bullied with restrictions from union’s etude together with state defending useless policies and plundering rather than helping the uninformed reducing unemployment and multiplying the export potentials.

Sustainable processed minerals, animal and vegetable exports are the bottom line for the country’s welfare and prosperity, not money movers, extravagant money lenders, theft, obstructions, incompetents but intelligent education, dedicated justice, welfare, food, transport, health, clothing, and shelter, JUSTICE / HOUSING / MEDICAL / SCHOOLS.

Any business is established to generate a profit, if not, why should they stress themselves where the same money and skills receive better conditions elsewhere with minimal restrictions and very helpful assistance from other countries and authorities with very clear and assured understandable rules allowing a comfortable ROI. The sooner all realise that the country needs all the different nationalities, cultural and the sooner the political differences are sorted, the better.
Concentrating on the country’s education and unemployment will diminish the hunger and unrest? The world revolves around power and greed. The sooner South Africa work together, the sooner all will prosper. The possibilities are numerous and endless. When South Africa commands a better-educated employment together with each enjoying a healthy home protected by justice and all younger at school in a safe environment of trusted loyalty there will be less or no dissatisfaction.

Assistance to a wide range of communication in the past few years have achieved limited results. B E E and similar have advantaged a very-very small selective few to establish business and other profit-generating enterprises. The majority are suffering and left behind. A selection of favoured has advanced very much further than most realise and in a very wide sphere of activities but this have not resulted into reducing unemployment.

These people go for the soft skills and State tendering contacts but don’t add to exporting or manufacturing products or build factories, hospitals, and schools. South African industries and financiers want assurances and stabilities from political and parliament, not guessing or pleading, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Our children are expected to attend school for 12 years, the students with access to funds will attend a university for 3 to 6 years and longer to achieve any result but many expect one to qualify as an artisan in a few days or weeks, how ridiculous some think. The STATE does not have or generate any MONEY.

(Only losses) The STATE has been elected by the voter to distribute collected tax revenue from you and me. Tax money belongs to the population, not the government. Tax money comes from the very few people working to keep the country together. The balance comes from the mines, banks, factories, and farmers, NOT government to spend on self and cronies. The majority of unemployed are suffering from some or other obsession or regulation and living below the bread line. Community unrest, damaging, and looting are criminal which must not be allowed. Looting happens when the homeless and unemployed create a position of getting something and attention. The disturbing factor is when more liquor is plundered before food.
The above requires constructive education and consequences resulting into empowerment for the population to work in harmony and exporting our factory products. Harmony results into constructive thoughts and satisfaction. The many thousands of 12/14-year-old abused mothers are so far out of hand it is unavoidable for progress grinding to a halt in this and larger sectors that will sooner or later get completely out of hand.

The above sentence has been rife for many-many years with no improvement in sight. Younger male children are abducted for traditional unhealthy circumcising. It would appear the state is avoiding education and employment, avoiding the backlog in housing, education, health, water, electricity, welfare, justice, and other. The functionless municipalities, roads, rail, air, electricity, and a host of other necessaries must be rectified.

Corruption and theft must be rooted out and the greedy brought to book. The few remaining factories, mines, banks, and farmers are keeping the country alive, not the overpopulated civil servants, municipalities, and statesmen, women spending. Our educated learners will fill a competent and much-needed works space. BEE has NOT helped the uneducated or educated with employment.

The cultural divide and differences in South Africa (Probably all Africa) are so wide and unnecessary damaging. GREED—POWER—RELIGION. All will be welcome for quality and endurance. You will willingly be wanting to improve your-self. Success is a mind-set of creativity and wanting-to. Every dispute will be fully investigated, but no dismissed will have the luxury of a labour court other than the villages standard investigation.

The villages personal will soonest include a retired judge or senior magistrate to oversee any grey areas as they arrive. Justice, medical, financials, and security among other will be a permanent office. The author will analyse every thought received together with you and other. Thank You.