Chapter 13

2015 Publication extended


Learner behavior as stipulated by the rules and authorities, this remains in place with small differences for enabling the village to accommodate the various needs. Learners study hours are compulsory, three afternoons – evenings a week and must be used for studying to the learner’s benefit. Remember, the learners are selected as freely, willing, voluntary who want to better themselves, knowing that the village aims for very strict discipline, education, satisfaction, respect and R O I for all stakeholders. The project will concentrate on advancement, education, and healthy prospects for the unemployed overcrowded institutions. All learners and employees of the village must be productive and profit-orientated.

The only criteria necessary to volunteer is a minimum grade 9 certificate together with the physical and mental ability, fluently read and write English or Afrikaans together with maths or arithmetic. The learner will recite the 2 to 12 multiplication tables and recite the alphabet. The other will have a very tough time causing stress with very limited advancement. The emphases at the village remains educational production of many descriptions at a superior quality together with a very competitive understanding. The reason for starting this project incorporating the disadvantaged of all races rather than other available sources is not to interfere with or want interference from any.

These unemployed are a financial and social burden to the state and taxpayer, this project is aimed at starting a very new and sustainable culture of an educated obedient society, a society with the wisdom and intelligence to take them-selves and the manufacturer forward financially, morally together with the state’s contribution of obligations. Should the state wish to participate they are welcome as an executive and or advisory. Should the state reframe from contributing, you the learner will not be penalised.

The village project is NOT politically motivated, but rather the lack of critical skills as a domain, coaching, lecturing, and demonstrating hands-on skills. Other than the above sentence, the employee and learner must be eager and willing to learn and advance. The learner must understand, he / she is here to learn, no other could do this for the learner. The village’s executive management and CEO is the custodian of the entire village establishment, rehabilitation, educational, and industrial exporting centre.
Village will only enroll NON-FAMILY SUPPORTERS. The industry is welcome to sponsor a learner. The cost will always be a concern and will be managed in a reliable manner. All the learners together with most employees are to learn on the job; therefore, every learner is referred to as trade skills learner. The learner will receive a contribution to cover the necessity for personal hygiene and titbits; the balance is deposited as a saving until completion of the contract. Contributions are for generating enthusiasm and a deterrent against abuse or wrongdoing and the learner having spending money on leaving.

Learner, scholars, and employees will pay for any damages caused by malice (naughty) regardless of time or reason; any wrongdoing requiring recovery of funds or punishment will happen immediately. Any non-payment is recorded as a debtor. Savings are only available on graduation day. Every learner will attend to their self-personal cleanliness and surroundings; this includes work, accommodation, play, and other areas. You will NEVER drop paper, wrappings, or similar on the ground for another to clean. (Punishable.)

The qualification certificates we issue are at national standards. The village will consult with S.A.Q.A. The South African trade modular, financials, educational, machinery, and construction tuition which is of the best available when transferred by properly educated mentors, lecturers, and instructors. The lecturers and instructors are appointed by the workshops for their qualifications and ability. English is the dominant language of instruction. A non-English/Afrikaans learner will retard themselves.

There would be no advantage in teaching the learner in a language that could not be used as instruction after leaving the village. Be assured, the issued certificates will open doors for the holder. Other subjects such as management, health and economics, reading, and plenty others will follow as the needs and funds becomes available. The village doctor will inform the workshop in the event of abusive or shamming absentee resulting into diminishing privileges. Any refusing to accept lashes must not enroll.
The village will not tolerate hooligans or any other disruptions. By accepting enrolment, you accept all the rules, or are you thinking of transgressing the rules before you arrive. This, the first project of its kind must be well on its way before some will believe it possible for such a project. The other will follow. At this point in time, more than ninety percent of the unemployed population and others require uplifting, hope, and a useful skill. The majority of young had never been exposed to the available selection of career choices.

The hostel father / mother will be a very passionate person with the ability to manage, mentor, and advise with a feeling of passion and sincere to all learners. After graduation the learner will not be reaccepted as a learner, others are waiting for that space. This is explained on other pages. Learners are urged to use their time constructively for a brighter and prosperous future. No other can do this for you. The village is to be the turning point in the life of the learner who wants to prosper. Any person who think otherwise is very mistaken and finding them-self in trouble, rather stay away.

Remember, any disobedience will send you packing, and depending on the wrongdoing you leave with red marks over your bum and a much smaller credit balance if not nil and billed for the past duration at the village equalling or equivalent to any other university would have cost. The first hostels will not be equipped to accommodate the disabled due to costs and rough terrain. The opportunities will increase as construction advances. The various farming aspects will be very varied and necessary as a skill and to feed the inhabitants of the village and commercialising the surplus.

A rural dweller with access to a small land area unsuitable for cultivation will be taught how to maximise various products as tunneling. Any with an abundance of freshwater could grow fish in plastic or ground containers, a plastic or net covered tunnel will produce vegetables at a healthy profit almost anywhere in S.A. The learners must be made aware of the numerous opportunities that could be pursued. When in doubt ask for assistance.
A continuous running stream or river could deliver an enormous advantage. Sun power panels are becoming very affordable. A propeller attached to a standard car alternator will generate power to charge your cell phone, radio, lighting and more. The use of question and answer sessions as a learning tool and development subject to the whole class is very constructive. Every time a learner asks a question many others are listening to the answer.

Common sense is a very useful sense to attain. (Talent.) The attitude that every business is an abuser of the disadvantaged is a very dangerous approach. What are you as a learner to do when you become a successful entrepreneur? Any thinking they have a right of admittance to the village is advised to stay away. Most have the ability to prosper. The village will teach you how, provided you have the ability and want to learn. Many learners will awaken to the fact that there is a very wide world of knowledge to feast on and absorb.

Be aware, the village could not transfer knowledge to anyone not wanting or capable of absorbing, learning or helping themselves. All must give full attention to the production aspects of the workshop, factory learning for the future of him / herself to prosper. Learners must empower and inspire themselves by observing, examining and unpacking all aspects of learning. The work place is nowadays very technologically driven, every technical aspect of work or life requires a person to manage that technique. The housewife who switches on her electric stove must know which knob to turn and why.

You need not be a computer expert before using or extract information from it. The computer is replacing the library of yester year. The computer is improving every day; the knowledge available and stored is enormous. By all means enjoy the entertainment, however, use this constructively. The internet and cell phone are becoming a very necessary tool to all. Cell phones are forbidden. Sending pictures or other is forbidden. Think carefully of your past and future. Select comfortably.
Do not strive or wish for something that is not possible, you will never grow a third set of teeth, no matter how hard you work or study. Enquire and research your needs. Never blame another for your shortcomings before yourself. The village tutors will patiently coach and mentor the listening learner. The village will establish a cable and or transmission (airways) facility in time to come. The laptop will act as a library for communication and entertainment objectives as also a means of computer education.

Each will sleep in a dormitory having a leader and secondary, each learner will have their own semi cubical with space enough to allow for studying and relaxing in reasonable privacy. There will be clean sheets on your bed, mattress, and a lockable locker. The ablutions consist of wash hand basins, washing troths, showers, and privacy in toilets. The above is housed on levels 2, 3 & 4. The ground floor houses a fully equipped kitchen and bakery to prepare and feed the somewhat 600 learners at each hostel. The outdoor activities will be expanded as time and funds becomes available.

The learner and employee are here by invitation and choice. Take ownership of your learning and educational future, help your family, workmates, and community to prosper. On completion, seeking employment, you could and perhaps should accept a minimal package if necessary and work most diligently. Stay focused and always pay attention, believe in yourself. The best ideas or plans will come to nothing if not implemented. Only after some months with no recognition should you look around for another position. The owner or employer will not necessarily know of you, good or not.

The village is to develop other departments (later) such as forensic laboratories to cater for testing, analysing, and investigating the needs of the village and outside. For those looking there is a vast collection of opportunity out there, listen to look with open eyes and ears, you could come across many possibilities. Pursuit purpose. Educate yourself for yourself; today must be better than yesterday, tomorrow is going to be better than today. Other than the trades, there is a very large shortage of shop assistants who can help a customer.
Sales representatives offering an intelligent answer to the store owner or customer and can demonstrate. You can bluff some people some of the times but will not bluff all, all the time. Most leaving learners will leave the village into a satisfactory employment position; we expect a good number of graduates to reach employer status singularly or very likely with a past village learner. The village is drawing up a policy for the potential apprentice to join a willing employer for 3/ 6 / 9 months trial probation with NO obligation to either party.

This will be arranged together with the Dep of Labour. The above sentence means you arrive at work every day on time, on time means you are busy at your post on starting time, not arriving at the entrance. Should your work or behaviour be unsatisfactory you can expect to leave before the 3/ 6 / 9 months trial period with no excuses or arguments necessary. No labour hearing.

The slower learners will require further mentoring and lecturing. The aggressive and impatient expecting a position way above capacity will bump their head very hard. Please, do not regard the village as charity, IT IS NOT, you will learn, work, play and enjoy your stay provided all abide by the rules. There is nothing for nothing, ever. The learner will be informed and lectured on self-health, first aid limitations of medicine and good living habits. What will be a suitable punishment for the male and lady learner who deliberately damages and or misbehaves or shuns learning and work?

Consider mild to very necessary harsh punishment? The village will not unnecessarily discipline or dismiss any without an internal hearing and recording for further or future methods of resolve. Each learner, the person must be tutored to understand that education requires a mind-set and willingness or wanting to better themselves for the future. Only you can guarantee yourself any prospers future. The village will help.