Chapter 16

2015 Publication extended

Social Behavior & Dress Code

No ruffians of any description will be tolerated. Any having more energy than needed should attend the gym in times of need; and this definitely is not meant to mean the village is a bunch of sissies, far from it. Civil and social behaviour accomplishes far more than bad mouthed. Good manners and respect are expected from all ages, sexes and positions. Most are able and willing to perform or exercise respect and manners if only they knew why and how. This costs you nothing, free. This will be part of the extra subjects often mentioned in this report. Cultural respect will be narrowed to acceptable.

The applicant employee will be selected by his/her ability to fit into the village. Capability followed by ability and execution, past social works records, history, and assessment of future expectations. Littering, Jaywalking, bad language, and DDD is not needed. Discipline to all the rules of the village is to be strictly maintained, Rules are common sense and much the same as any S.A. laws. D D D causing disruption, calls for prompt action, any found guilty of such offenses are fined or are ordered to do community work, duty, or both. Serious offenses receive sentences as would in any other court.

Harsh punishment remains an option, a good option. Civil disobedience is a very serious offence that could lead to a contract’s cancelation and dismissal from the village if not jailed. Sabotage and espionage are a jail sentence after “harsh”. The dress code attracted a wide selection of interesting ideas. Although all will want to look and feel attractive and comfortable, the village is not a fashion parade. Gather around and create a fashion parade. Assist the above with designs. The learners will have a similar dress code. The village dress code is very plane and sensible, a uniform having small differences occurring where necessary, insignia, colour, security, and such.

Clothing is soonest produced internally as a skills business which must show a R O I. Employee pay far less than any other clothing would. Having a small selective design for each discipline. (business)The design and cut are most attractive, pleasing all. Work and work functions are attended wearing the daily (uniform) dress. Should there be a club or similar wishing to organise a jacket and tie evening event occasionally or regularly for the ladies and gents, you are welcome. Working shoes are low heeled, most departments will wear safety boots / shoes and they do not look out of place. Cosmetics and jewellery will correspond with the department and or trade.
Should an executive lady reception or attendance feel more comfortable or need to wear a black number, this will be designed as a special village product together with ample other product designs. You are welcome to submit a dress design for approval. The above invitation is not restricted to clothing only. Every occupant is encouraged to think out of the box, your idea and thoughts on any subjects could be more useful than you think. Due to the close proximity of the village occupants, the social activities will vary vastly from the city or town. The majority will sooner or later know one another personally.

The village management as part of the above will assist with proposals and requests from time to time. In spite of the smaller number of employers, employees each will have differing interests. The various producers and other business activities will learn from one another, section: A, C, and E are considered the production section, acquaint yourself with the various activities, workshops, and farming. Farming and some production could be 24/5. 24/7. You may involve yourself with the different products as a hobby or sideline business provided the partners have no objection. Talk to the partner first and or discuss your thoughts with management.

Social activities will be organised by various groups and interested. All are encouraged to organise evening and weekend socials, cards, pool, dancing, ball games, board & wall games, swimming, tennis, bowls and such will follow soonest. The parks, pool, gazebo, chapel, ponies, gardening, flowers together with other activities should satisfy a moderate social behaviour. Again, the village will not manage or prescribe a social sporting, hobby, or any other activity other than moral support as and when activates such as tennis, bowls, swimming, golf or similar become available, management will construct and assist with maintenance together with the membership committee.

Although this chapter is social, every chapter is linked to education, rehabilitation, satisfaction, production, and sustainability with a good R.O.I, therefor you are very welcome to exchange ideas of almost any description with the village management. This could be an internal or external project with a R O I in mind. You may wish to involve yourself with extra activities amongst the learners or others, be it work or play. For example, the word “LOVE”. What will this mean to most? Very-very few live or exercise compassion, respect, tolerance, other’s needs, time, understanding, this will be further expanded on during your stay, or you may have the charisma, charm, talent, and background to expand and passing on this talent.
The old saying, he is from the wrong end of town. This actually refers to the many that were not mentored or practiced the art and respect of social education / grace. You must however be very mindful of the different nationalities and race groups. Social grace is no more than mentored / educated respect to one another, male and female. Although the female is more sensitive to attention, the male is no better and reacts exactly the same. Sooner or later the village will accommodate a large number of employers, employees, spouses, and students.

All will or must enjoy social attention, mentoring such as household respect between father, mother, and children. Men and ladies, hairdresser, dressmaker, tailor, facial, nails, toes & feet. The doctor, dentist, sports, gym. The village will want teachers for maths, language, and many others. Not forgetting the +- 15 / 20000 learners. Should you operate a massage parlour, you and any assistants must be very sensitive and educated in the medical, arts and culture of the differing needs, methods, and reasons, this could be sprains, tension, medical, or just relaxing company.

There are too many undereducated persons who lack mentoring, schooling, lecturing, EXPLAINING, and up-lifting to the above which include appearance, clothing, hygiene, body language, and the necessary academic and practical alongside. The smaller incomes do not necessarily lack respect and the better off are not necessarily respectful. The village will never dictate to any as to who may or may not associate provided this does not clash with common sense. ALL must enjoy life and self. Another factor we will need to be very aware of is tradition, tribal, and language.

South Africa is very divided by language, colour, worth, status, religion, politics, and other lessor traditions. Never simply assume, if you are not acquainted with the above, ask or learn. Listen, understand, and learn. Most will react with caution to new questions of uncertainty. ADD your thoughts to this chapter and any other chapter of education. It will remain a village subject to up-lift body and mind to the most comfortable, relaxing, caring, mentoring, educating, and producing a R O I without stress. The village is a private institution and will operate in a very relaxed frame of mind with a good ROI for the investor, employer, employee, and spouse.
This project and its content is not a lesson, but pointers to explain the new thinking the village will follow and assist the applicant to understand who the village will be seeking to apply for a given position and conditions. The toddlers, children, students, and learners all desire or have their own thoughts of what leisure or comforts they want. Social grace starts at birth. Mother is the first teacher. Father will or should assist with the child’s up-bringing, usually, he tries to encourage the younger into a career as his or better if he has learned the differences. South Africa have a very large percentage of single parents and a big percentage of NO parents. The larger number of the above children have never been mentored or educated in the art of social grace. This will be further discussed and mentored at village classes / lecturers, additional afternoon / evening classes.