Chapter 8

2015 Publication extended

Skills Education

It would appear university attendance is beyond the majority South Africans causing disappointment and frustration. The village have no intention of catering, offering or competing with any university or college now or in the future. We will however strive for the higher N Q F trade levels of all trades and theory. Don’t stop improving yourself and other; you will have enough time to rest when you are no more.

Grade R to grade 12 is a state responsibility which is lacking. We will help the willing to achieve a prosperous future but not baby-sit any. The bus driver, bank manager and or school teacher as any other have to be suitably qualified to execute and manage their position, it is also expected of our managers to have and maintain a continues training program in position for learners, staff and self.

Our education goes hand in hand with production, education, responsibility, satisfaction, relaxation and profit orientation. Employ contented happy educated staff for a stress-free production. Constantly educate, uplifting and satisfaction for your employees is very necessary. Discipline expected is 100%. Teach, mentor and lector your staff innovation, creativity, motivation, and mind-set, also the necessity for ROI.

The internal baby care centre will be equipped to care, teach and train all babies and toddlers 0 to 5 ages. The 6-year olds will attend the junior school through to grade 12. The babies and toddlers are looked after during employees’ absence. This allows parents to concentrate on their dailies and leisure without stress. School subjects and hours are extended, allowing for life skills, sports, (playing) and other subjects.

During this time the employee’s school children are taught a host of subjects other than expected. Students and learners are taught adult hood, marriage, social grace, responsibility, challenges, determination, self-pride, enterprising, sex and its consequences together with the relevant passion of his / her desires. Past statistics suggest that the world’s better entrepreneur has inspired him/herself for 10000 hours learning and experience before reaching success.

All employees, their dependants and skills learners are regularly evaluated as routine in addition to their competence results. Because of their superior education and exposure there will be a wide world of acceptance awaiting the trade learner and students.
Remember, the idea of the village is to educate the mature trainee artisan to enter the workplace. The village it’s self can absorb a very small number of learners, almost all and every learner will go out into the wild world passing on their skills. The skills learner reaches maturity at the end of his or her contract.

The student reaches maturity at the end of their matric, grade twelve (NQF 4) Depending on circumstances the student is allowed a grace period of one year. The N.Q.F. learner and student could reach a degree if in-pursuit. A trade skilled educated person earns as much as the academic if at the same educational level. Every learner is encouraged to study further.

The country’s skills shortage is practical common sense together with the relative experience, disciplined quality education and training, enabling workman and women to execute a given task intelligently and comfortably without stress and within a given time. Each employer is to have a training program available for the advancement of their work force; the factory floor worker is often the better person to consult for improvements.

The village do not advocate chasing money but nature will prevail. All are encouraged to study a comfortable self- interesting hobby along-side their knowledge and stress-free occupation. Pay hikes are not automatic or regular, pay hikes will not exceed national inflation. A bonus applies only when a business produces an above average gain, only if such a bonus applies to all following the suggested calculation.

The village is not involved with the partners declared dividends beyond the village’s scope. (Beyond the villages: Fence. Walls.) A comfortable, contented, educated work force is the back bone of any undertaking. No work no pay. No profit, no business or village. Other observers will follow as we increase and widen the scope of science and production. SOUTH AFRICA via this project is on its way to a greater national economical giant, this is not as difficult as many may think.

Lessons such as health, social behaviour, business methods, enterprising, start a business, which type of business, household and family discussions, this is to be regularly performed. The village will assist all employers to compile a learning program which will comply with S A Q A requirements.
Section F will absorb a selected number of skills learners and students. Our local and foreign manufactures are welcome to submit learning material for approval. Work to learn, not for money, money will come and accumulate as time goes. Spend money on needs and necessities not on parading self wants and wasting. Communicate, smile, and always be pleasant, you will achieve far more, study and learn additional subjects.

“Shortly said” always ensure that what you say is understood by the listening and never assumed that the person or audience understands what you have said. Money is only a means to an end. A means of exchange. Understand this and the wants will follow. Learn or teach yourself what a budget means, practice and comply within your means, never spend what you do not have.

Save for a rainy day. To compete without a return is not a good idea. (Also save for retirement.) Religion and Christianity are not the same. Each are expected to respect the others choice. Respect each other’s and do not argue. Leave alone. This will be further discussed after a site has been identified. Language, culture, religion, education, sexist, position, selected laws, aged, obsessions, greed, power and other is retarding development in South Africa.

LOVE! Perhaps the most misunderstood word there is. Are we discussing position, loyalty, honestly, companionship, survival, desire, jealousy, sex, domination, greed, power, obedient, obsession, fascination, which are you? Treat other as you would like to be treated. Your partner is not your possession, precious business, expensive car, clothes, house, furniture, pub, club or other possessions. Respect one another as also your family, business workers and partners.

Never blame other for your shortcomings, rather think twice before you criticise or dismiss one. Dismiss one with grace, you could be next. 7 out of 10 people start off in the wrong job or profession, many take the first opening that comes along or joins a fellow friend. 5 follow through, 2 are successful, 3 drop out. Another scenario; Many change directions, some later revert, (the above are examples only.) Expectations created by sales pushers, brokers, politicians, financials, attorneys and the unexpected will take many generations to overcome, even then, only one in +- 1000 will become an owner, manager or director.
The lack of appropriate skills in most industries and state department including promises, work ethics, blaming, discipline, history and understanding of time, very few of the above understand finance or skills, only wants and needs. Eighty percent of all our learners and students will do well. Studying and achieving is not as complicated as many profess.

A mind-set approach to an uninformed is limited but should not become an obstacle. Understanding and controlling emotional intelligence is not used by many, only because we never think it is necessary. We refer this to the medical “ SHRINK “, Improve your natural instincts and inherited talents. A determined will always achieve more when or if aware of the necessary.

Profit is explained during your lessons. You will never achieve, if you do not understand or do not perform due to not-understanding what you are studding or learning. Understand how and what to study. Do not waste your energy on matters that can wait for later after you have studied and absorbed all available before your allocated time run out or is completed.

Savings, spending, debt, accounts, loans, the above as most pages are indications or examples only, all these examples will be handled and explained during readings and voluntary extra classes. Working harder. What would that mean? Longer hours, back breaking, pleasing other, asking permeation. NO. When one is properly acquainted with a subject and know how to explain and or transmit your knowledge to the job, other and or task at hand, you will produce more in less time, very much more comfortably at home, work and play.

At present we will only accept learners with a N Q F and or a grade 9 to 12 certificate, arithmetic or maths. English or Afrikaans. The above will depend on the content and subjects. An N Q F trade certificate and affiliated will be accepted as one with past experience, after verification.
The village will foster commerce, manufacturing, farming and construction, not university academics. Should you prefer university, please do so, this you will be encouraged to expand on after village. South Africa and around the world the M B A & doctorates & similar other university degree are under question. Many learners will find the village learning very much different to what their parents would remember.

All learners do not learn at the same pace, therefor the village is to be a facilitator and aid to your tasks, soonest most learners will study via a personal laptop. The lecturer will guide, teach and explain the N Q F subjects attached to your trade and many may have time to expand into other avenues. There will also be subjects not covered by the N Q F symbols.

These learners may attend various lecturers with the prospects of finding direction, they will however study one or more selected trades as mentioned above. As you age you will gain valuable experience with a wider horizon of your natural talents. The learner must learn for themself, other cannot do this for you or copy others portfolio of evidence. Example, should you be a fitter and turner, an N Q F lesson will keep you busy until the next stage when your computer will be uploaded for the next lesson.

This in addition to what you will be quizzed on during studies. Remember, no learner will progress to the next learning level without the previous lesson having been mastered via a written and practical experience examination as dictated by S A Q A and evaluated by the workshop / factory. The practical and theory is basically the two subjects necessary to pass an N Q F level. Later as you progress, the practical will become less with theory advancing to the academic. S E T A’s are yet a discussion to be resolved.

Although most of your learning will come from the computer you must attend every class and other learning gatherings, these in-house gathering are for showing and questioning what the computer tells and asks you. As you advance you will have more and more responsibility loaded onto your shoulders. Education in many countries (including South Africa) will have to catch up on losses and technology allowing for worldwide knowledge. The state and municipality must function as a business when it comes to services, management and financials with the exception of profit and or self-enrichment.
The state and municipality are civil servants to serve the population and tax payers, they collect taxes from you and me to provide for the population and they are not supposed to enrich the States employees. The taxes collected must be used to improve and maintain structures such as roads, water, electric distribution, public buildings, and the population, not for self-extravagant.

All State, municipalities and the other State enterprises must maintain and pay their way but without wasting money. The State and municipal employee are public servant paid by the tax payer. Your friends tell you to get an accreditation. Statistics show us that accreditation without practical has not created an intelligent workforce; you will be fully tutored in all aspects of work and life skills together with the advantages and obstacles, your daily workings will advance your skills.

Most state departments talk about transformation, Ask the unemployed and hungry what they think of transformation, especially the under educated and those who will never see the inside of a college or university, many, not even junior school. All parents must know and understand what education means; it is important to understand that education does not necessarily mean one must have passed a degree at a university.

50 % of 6-year-old’s entering grade 1 dropout before grade 12. Only about 10% to 15% of university entrants fully complete a study. Transformation will never succeed until the learner educates him / herself into full employment and takes responsibility for his / her duties which can never happen if you are not fully trained and educated for the task you were appointed to, be this a lawyer, accountant, electrician or other trade and abandon the obsession for another day.

We cannot reverse the past but we can exploit the future. The State has failed to educate the majority. Most working persons are paid for their time and skills worked; the better minded trade persons could earn as much as any other professional person. The efficient tradesman who delivers a satisfactory to very good service will always be in demand. The learner will be taught the reasons for time and motion studies. The village will soonest house an electronics and technology development.
Think of producing a no-frills quality portable radio which every unemployed could afford is the simplistic method to start. Write and compile story books. South Africa is amongst the most advanced in technology but cost greed and ignorance is hindering progress together with a lack of enough qualifications and encouragement. Northern countries are passing South Africa in many educational fields.

Political blundering, greed and racism is driving South Africa to the dumps. Any who read this or other pages are very welcome to suggest, advice, or recommend additions, CONSTRUCTIVE PLEASE. Present education must be improved by 100% and more from baby to matric. Going to university will not assist any unless they have the ability and talent to understand and absorb lecturers, followed by executing what was learned.

The village will foster respect amongst all. Having learnt and gained a wealth of knowledge is not what you have learned, but how and what you do with that knowledge. Please leave any political differences behind, the village will not tolerate any gender, cultural, language or political arguments. African politics are very lopsided and in shambles with greed and obsession for the privileged only. Cultural and political differences are also a stumbling hurdle.

Any who expect to be equal, must uplift themselves and contribute equally. Other will help, but cannot study for you. Understand, unpack and analyse the question intelligently and you will advance. Education is not so complicated when you understand the basics. Study what, where, when, costs and a load of other reasons why some study and other not.

The author’s past observation shows our world is very complicated, divided and will never all agree on everything, earnings and living conditions are from the squalors to the multimillion, don’t blame, do and get there. Other will not do this for you. The village will assist, but you must do. If every child and person was cared-for, tutored, mentored, schooled and encouraged to strive for a balanced healthy and hygienic life together with appropriated education we will have less dissatisfaction. Most that start working to earn for themselves and loved ones, their thoughts are for survival and very far from education.
Mother who tutors her young in her home language should steadily add a national language alongside pictorial books and the understanding soonest. The grade R teacher should tutor home language steadily adding a national language. The same parents should encourage together with the teacher a progressive life style of future. This is easier said than done but very possible once the parents understand the whys and what-for.

Most parents and teachers do not have the necessary time / experience and other necessary. We must devise a program to achieve this. Un-fortunately, education is so poorly managed in South Africa it has become a joke. Mid-year every school child / scholar, teacher and principal should be carefully evaluated and assessed for future study guidance, assistance and direction from suitably qualified persons. Read and learn as you increase the number of books and magazines advancing into health, financial and the widest range of other education.

Read, read, read and more read. Unfortunately, residential areas differ in political, tribal, governance, economic and correctness as language often limits progress. DDD (Drunk, dagga, drugs.) is yet causing a very disruptive community. EXAMPLE. In the far past, hospitals, primary and secondary schooling, courts and social welfare were available to all, virtually free. Many years later, parents are struggling with school fees and necessary tuition. Not to mention university.

You are doomed in court if you cannot afford an expensive attorney. Hospitals were accessible to all at very affordable costs or free. Hospitals were managed by competent staff. Now adays the doctor must pay absorbent insurance to avoid advocates taking them to the cleaners. All should and must enjoy themselves and have a place in the sun. THANK U, until we meet.