"Learning will be hands on artisan trades with future academic in mind."

Objective, vision and mission for the village of education.

The sole purpose, vision and mission of this project is to educate and train quality hands on experience, financial and behavioural discipline to many thousands of young adults to qualify for a “NQF” and or equivalent educational level enabling them entry to the industrial, commercial, building and farming industry for self or employment with a good to better standard of knowledge and experience creating hundreds of practical entrepreneurs together with thousands of industrial artisans and a very substantial tonnage of goods for the export market resulting into a good ROI for our internal, external and industrial employers. The State, Provincial and municipalities do not have an expressed public, State or private strategical objective, vision or mission statement for a future policy to follow or work to other than propaganda and incompetence. This is a very necessary detail. All should and the village will strive for a purpose together resulting into an objective which includes lifelong learning not only conferences with no or very confusing results. Male and female learners of all nationalities will learn a hand on industrial, commercial, building and or farming trades for duration of 6 to 30 months, perhaps up 36 months.

Learning will be hands on artisan trades with future academic in mind.

The learners will be housed, fed, clothed, trained and educated at a very economical to no cost for the applicant learner but will freely, voluntarily, eagerly, accountability, capability and very strict discipline resulting into consequences and punitive outcomes for any disorder or non-compliance. Learners enrollment costing will be calculated in aliment with relief from SARS, Municipal and State. The applicant will have obtained a grade 12 certificate and be 25 to 30 years of age learning and performing the practical and appropriated theoretical subjects, N Q F. Trade theory, math, science, economics, mechanical, technical drawing and understanding the readings. There will also be a number of openings for grade 8 to 11 for various positions of shorter duration for similar outcomes. All should study further after leaving the village. Preferably during and after an apprenticeship trades contract adding further academic and trade studies which could result into a degree with earnings equivalent and better than many other at the same NQF level. The villages will be a registered company but will not be traded on any stock exchange or similar. The village will offer the employer, corporations, country or persons very favorable production conditions of stability and non-interference developing into a good R O I. The executive financiers and CEO are the custodian of the entire village project similar to a residential or industrial body corporate and very similar to a local municipality would manage a prospers town. This is a reasonably large undertaking. Management will include the internal investment employer management. The C E O and 10/15 executive investors who will collectively attend to the very substantial financial decisions and a corm will collectively meet at least once a year on site. Next, probably 10/15 appointed partner employers as internal board members who will assist the C E O with senior management followed by the necessary internal members at daily tasks. The thought is to involve the many village dwellers so all may contribute, feel part of and assist in keeping a good relationship between all village members including employees, scholars and learners who will constantly be heard. The financials will be discussed with the executive investors soonest upon received documented acceptances and assurances as envisages and stipulated in the following chapters from the Municipality. Provincial and Parliament, followed by the production employer investor. First, a suitable secure land site with access to road, rail, ESKOM and water, allowing for services and designs for construction together with the educational aspects. Management, logistics, workshops, accommodations, preliminary drawings, employers, investor and potential financial returns. We will concentrate on exports from our highly trained and educated workers with no disruptions, demands or political obsessions. The village will be requiring a mountain of help and assistance from any willing who have the appropriated time and talent, especially educational aspects, power, water resources followed by top management for the many trades and workshops.

The learners will be selected from all of South Africa, state, industry and other trade sectors.

Village management is yet waiting reply from appropriated state departments. The appropriate municipality will be assisted with talent and projects but MUST also very eagerly approve of the project together with the blessings from the surrounding community. All involved must be enthusiast, free thinking, willingly and wanting to be part of the project. The project is NOT a FREE for all charity or a hand-out. All occupants will study and perform with consequences to non-performances. Otherwise please stay away. "Discipline is not a punishment."

The village and SAQA together with the department of HET, DTI, labour, justice, SARS and other state departments will also approve of the program. This revised version will be resent as a reminder to state departments and municipalities. As on other pages the village will teach and educate the learner how to become a successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur of the future will be thinking drastically differently to the presently offered thinking. This is explained on other pages. You, the learner and other will be helped to generate new thoughts and ideas, we will develop, trial, unravel and promote the unthinkable of tomorrow. The village will have the collective capacity to produce the unthinkable of the future. Statistics, although very varied, estimate 2 to 3 million university students do not have permanent jobs. All will not immediately become entrepreneurs; perhaps 2% to 3 % resulting into the necessary intelligence to establish and maintain a successful business, but all will know exactly what is expected and allow for future education and experience which the village will instill and help develop together with a quarterly newsletter for all learners alongside their laptop communication. Should you not strive for an objective and purpose with passion for something in life like your own business, study and strive with an objective in mind or the many other, you will never get anywhere. The ideas coming up are incredible. South Africa can compete together with the best investing countries, corporate, business and/or individual who could expect a very healthy ROI.

Initially very careful selection will be necessary. Chapters will be progressively added to our site as, and when interested parties ask, or when potential employers, employees, municipalities, provincial educators or learners shows interest.


This project is very foreign to the average South African and probably more. This very advanced method of education will strengthen our workforce and economy. The village institution will be very similar to the university of technology and will be managed very similarly, but will expand into a more professional educational and business orientated ROI, development and production industry with worldwide assisted executives and the export markets into Africa and world-wide. The village will be established almost anywhere in South Africa. However, the village will be a reasonable, lengthy distance away from the city, suburbs and non-registered municipal settlements, but with the blessing of all authorities and surrounding community dwellers who will be assisted with educational and development strategies. The local municipality and rural resident community will be allocated a regular quota of qualifying learner for enrollment if required. Readers are welcome to comment, suggest, advise, correct and or any other constructive thoughts and engagement on this content.

Thanking you.

J. Porter.