Chapter 1

2015 Publication extended


The village will house, train, educate, and discipline approximately 15000 / 20000 willing and capable learners a trade skill together with the appropriated theory, financials, and the necessary enterprising skills. The village will later increase the capacity, knowledge, welfare, and science substantiality. The village will be established on a +- 2000-hectare site zone-able for industrial and farming suitability and also confirmation of no past or present ancestral or similar historical objections. The learner turnaround will amount to many thousands of skilled, educated industrial farming and commercial trade’s workmen and women as required by industry. After the learner’s duration of the contract expires, they leave the village with an honourable certificate showing the skills level attained for the appropriated trade and theory. No certificate will be issued without the corresponding competent hands-on manufacturing, theory, and necessary pass-marks. Many could result into higher qualifications and or a degree if further pursued. The time frame will probably not be sufficient to educate the learner to a higher qualification; therefore, every learner must use this time as a stepping stone to a higher standard. Unfortunately, historically the larger percentage of unemployed mature learners have not received the necessary quality mentoring and or education necessary to enter the skilled workplace. UNTIL NOW. (Similar to apprentice)

All designs will be energy, power, and water-saving, economics and efficiency would apply to all buildings, occupants, and management. The institution does not distinguish between race, sex, or credence. The learner’s accommodation allows for above-average requirements for such an institution allowing for comfortable, healthy, spacious sleeping, ablutions, dining, relaxing, and studying. Afternoon/evening studying is compulsory for each candidate at their appropriate workstation.

Building construction subjects will expand as the building program develops. A big plus for the construction team, each learner will learn how to construct a solid house and or similar for self and or other, this will include the drawing-board, designing, building regulations, management, quantise, and costing. Engineering, farming, and other skills will receive the same quality education. Each factory workshop has lecturing facilities and subjects to cover the practical, theory, and hands-on manufacturing methods of the newest and most modern.

The industrial workshops are to produce a multitude of products by the skills learner artisans in the various trades which must instil a very cost affective education and sustainability for local and export minded entrepreneur. ALL products are for sale and commercialized. In time these workshops will be expanded to engage a much wider selection of trade skills and industrial production methods, also intensive farming producing the maximum as a skill together with all the technical, mechanicals and adding your request. Computer and similar technology, designing and manufacturing alongside other products are a very wanting objective for advancing technology and production, including a wide Nano educational and development program.
The village is designed as a medium-security complex and surrounded by a security fence, in time the fence will be replaced by a substantial wall. The village institution it’s-self (Executive) will be a minor shareholder-partner investor to every investor employer.

At present, there are five distinctive divisions, as also other minor sectors. ( E ) Factory workshops, training skills, manufacturing, and production.

( D ) The learner’s hostels with full accommodation and leisure.

( C ) The farming areas.

( B ) Accommodation for employees, employers, partners, and supporting staff. Apartments are furnished with practical designs and the prospective employer / employee brings only their essential necessaries. Depending on the degree of isolation, a school for the permanent residents’ children will be constructed together with a nursery, sports, and play-grounds.

( A ) Administration, shopping, , entertainment, sales, clinic, security, and accommodation for non-residents in a hotel conforming to the 1-3 star. This hotel will be surrounded by a “Pleasure Park” filled with all the greenery, animals, birds, fish, pool, braai, etc. The parks as part of the farming and administration are considered very necessary together with the hotel for village inhabitants, visitors, passers-by and tourist, also as a conference destination. The village will receive a regular number of business associates, local and foreign from across the world.

Many gatherings will be educational, informing, instructing, and other necessary exchanging of information and business discussions. Another very important activity in section (A) is a hall displaying and advertising manufactured products from the factory workshops for commercial and exports alongside the super-market, clinic, laboratory, security, maintenance, and other management departments. The village is an educational, training, and production institution, it may not, will not overly rely on or depend on donations. The village’s shareholding in every enterprise must insure each workshop - factory a healthy return. The better they do, the better the village will do financially and educationally. No non-village persons or non-accredited villager may enter sections B, C, D or E, without an appointment and then only if accompanied by an official until introduced to the appropriated person and or destination.

Section (A) is not restrictive to any entering, “the village”, but all entering the village will pass the security proceedings. Day visitors will however not bring in food hampers, liquor, any minerals, or similar. Day visitors may utilize and enjoy all the facilities in section ( A ) Luncheons, hampers, eats, drinks and other refreshments will be available, as also entry to the supermarket and hotel, including the gardens, pool, and other entertainment and relaxing areas. The entire section (A) will be security, administration, sales, attractions, entertainment, business, and the villages showcasing. Most talk about creating jobs, this is not reasonable or sustainable if the person does not have a very-very good to better background training and experience, understanding the necessary skill in all aspects of that particular job field together with the necessary financial and administration knowledge.

Train and educate one to become an entrepreneur and he/she will have a very good understanding of what is expected until they are capable of going solo. Structures for electric power, water, wastewater, and other such items are to receive very special attention, as also communication, distances, and satisfaction for marketing is to satisfy the village investors and employers. The village will give greater favour to a site allowing the village to construct a water furrow from the river delivering water to the purification plant and also to the disposal water purification plant. Add your ideas. As a matter of fact, we will be very pleased to receive positive and critical reviews from any on the content of the project, constructive, please.

The village will entertain a number of foreign manufacturing businesses; therefore the village could not accommodate a language that will not be conducive in the majority of work places. Your author had skills trained many for years, lecturing, teaching, instructing and demonstrating. The above must and will be in a comfortable atmosphere. The teaching instructors will be African, English and or Afrikaans instructors and lecturers from the factory workshops. The hands-on demonstrating, teaching and instructor will be from the factory workshops and village management.

Many instructors are acquainted with the necessary slang to convey a message together with the class as a debate and translator. The above sentence makes a class very friendly without losing track resulting into a better understanding of words and meanings. The above sentence was used with very good results. Our learners will be rewarded in accordance to their ability and attention resulting into a satisfactory grading and better. All learners will receive the same attention but at various levels.

Learners will be selected by State, municipal, industry and village. Costing, funding, participants and products are discussed elsewhere. At this time the initial investment is relatively large for the necessary to accommodate the initial minimum staff, administration, factory workshops, services and accommodation for the first learner and management intake. All surplus funds generated by the village executive itself goes back into expansion, educating and accounts. This will exclude the manufacturing employers and selected start-up enterprises such as the creative spouse.

The H R department’s internet, advertising, procurements, development, sales and coordinating together with our associates and employer partners will be worldwide connected, seeking sales, technological advice and ides, exporting and seeking the newest advances are at the top of this list. Your author is very disgusted with the etude and cost from the many so-called web site designers.

The www and cell phone costs are also very forbidding to the unemployed. This will be a further discussion with the reader. The village will investigate and attempt to resolve or create a simplistic method of www together with other affordable methods of communication and business connections, also enjoyment for the entire village. Sales, education and exports.
Any interested in developing a means of commination is welcome. The able and eager toddler to mature will be educated in the most up-to-date Nano-technology. The learners will enjoy the same but more intensely on the subjects, they have chosen as their choice of hands-on trade education. The village is very-very eager to develop and use Nano-technology for education and production.

Bring your ideas along, we will learn and use them. The village has absolutely NO intention of offering academic or theory only, now or in the future, hands on manufacturing, experience, and theory is the objective.

(Each learner will be farming, manufacturing, or a service.) There will be many voluntary additional informative lessons such as first aid, social grace, economics, computer, hobbies, maths, household, sport, art, pottery, and many other lessons of similar nature together with mentoring which is very important to every artisan learner and student. The employees are not discounted or left out.

Mentoring to most, if not all, is a very special necessity. Having said this, it is most important to express the mixed results obtained by mentoring, coaching, lecturing, or similar. Explained elsewhere. Every learner and all other occupants will be cherished and respected as a village member. There are other employer possibilities that will need further attention and discussions with state departments and executive investors.

The village and executive management will be consulted and first applicant before any internal private / company / business may change hands, big or small. This will be evaluated and could be passed on to a spouse or village.

Readers are welcome to comment as wide as they wish and are assured the village is very open-minded when considering persons, personal, employers, employees, spouse, learners or yourself and or smallest to biggest business including almost any and every product, especially scares and scattered products we could expand on and develop into world-wide sales. Section ( A ) will be open and welcome to all and any visitors.
Awaiting your visit, thoughts, and ideas. Many thanks. Project co-ordinate. J. Porter. Recipients, please acknowledge receipt together with an authorised person’s details and Email. Web: | Email: