Chapter 11

2015 Publication extended

Employees Spouse

The very strict security and behaviour expected from all must not detract any from enjoying life to the fullest. Entertainment and attractions will be organised by the employees’ spouse in several fields of relaxation during leisure hours. The spouse organiser will willingly and soon find a niche in one or more of the many activities they comfortable with, most will be active at some or another activity or aroused in doing so, other will be filling occupations like farming, gardening, accountants, clericals, managing, teaching babies and grade.

The village will rather integrate a spouse avoiding accommodation shortages. Section A and other will be requiring C A’s, book-keepers, veterinary, medical, botanist, security, legal, planners, drafters, decorators, farmers, transport, sales, nurses, advertising, daily-weekly-monthly reports, bankers, lecturers, instructors, arts and crafts, engineering, medical labourite developing, compiling projects, law, IT and web designers amongst other. The village will eventually house more than 20/30 000 people to feed, dress, entertain, educate, manage, and keep happy and healthy. The employed or semi-employed spouse could enjoy small, medium, and or big business.

The above is only a glimpse of the future planning to be accomplished with most of the creating and practically executing coming from you and all the village inhabitants, the village is yours, ours to grow, enjoy, cherish and beautify within a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for all. Every inhabitant is encouraged and assisted to develop a useful method, article or program to be used and perhaps further develop. A very BIG and necessary objective for the village is self-preservation and creative innovation.

Our spouses and lady learners will regularly need disposal towels, we, you will manufacture these and others. We, you will teach the ladies and others to be self-reliant on health needs. Electronic manufacture, I T programming, and developing broadband. The enthusiast spouse will manage and or fill many of the business potentials. Many projects will be voluntary; however, others will be R O I. The spouse is normally the wife; this however could be the husband. There will probably be a number of singles. Exploit the many opportunities of which will be plenty. Enjoy life but avoid greed.

As on other pages, the village must constantly be thinking up adventurers and expansions for education, business, and pleasure, avoid old baggage. Leave any old baggage behind. Management will accommodate you in almost any project. Should your project generate a financial gain the village management will determine at which point you become a partner business and you will contribute to your keep? The spouse who contributes to education or any other activity regarded as a contribution or blessings and assists without disruptions, you will be allowed to generate a reasonable self-income. (Assisted.)

External sales and services are encouraged into Africa and worldwide. For example; the farming division is so diverse, you could assist, compile, partake, manage or owner manage one or more of the many activities in section “A” and possibly section C. D and E as an educator, producer, or sales. The village and partners will advise and assist provided you have the capability, drive, and educational ability. Whatever the spouse tackles will be in harmony with chapters 28—29—38 and plenty other to choose from. Although available to all, we will avoid discussing the engineering aspects in this chapter.
The spouse could / will create a decorative corner for self and or especially the shorter enrolled lady learners how to enjoy a profitable, creative home garden, growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries and the seasonal every day the cook and chef needs. There will be no-nonsense or any unnecessary complaining. It is long overdue that the world and South African work-seeker realizes employment is not a luxury or automatic. Improve yourself, family, friends, and colleagues. Work diligently for your family and yourself. The spouse will very carefully negotiate capital with a very positive and consulted idea. Rather start smaller and spread as you learn, we will help. Money management is a very important aspect of any household or business. Do what you like and like what you do.

There will be a number of projects amongst the surrounding community, contributing to the community and other commercials. We could liaison and assist surrounding communities with technical advice if needed. The village will not compete against the locals but you are welcome to establish or assist or partner with any prospective or potential business. The village factory workshops will be capable of assisting you with almost any project. Liaising with the local businesses and municipalities will be ongoing. The village will establish wholesale, retail, and other businesses or partner with existing businesses.

The village will soonest involve with the design and building of a crematorium managed by the spouse, this service must be made available to any at reasonable tariffs to village members and community members. The spouse will attend to the management and maintenance. This will be built on the outskirt fringes of the village allowing the community ease of access. There could be other similar undertakings in and around the community with joint ventures of all sorts of projects. Private business is not rejected provided this is not obstructive to village resources or the surrounding community.

Use your talents for self-gain, pleasure, and education for all. No obstructions or obsessions. Clothing, weaving, carving, baking, designing, modeling, and manufacturing for retailing or wholesale could result in a good ROI. Other than the above there could be requests for other ventures, space, and or hobbies from the spouse or partners. The human resources department, justice office, web designers, sales, medical and many other, the laboratory, administration, hostels, hotel, clinic, accounting, banking, sports, and other exercising activities among other. The spouse could assist or collaborate with the municipality’s, projects without enriching one above another.

The village will NOT allow village persons or associates to tackle a project before the same is assessed against qualified knowledge and management that will be available. Ladies, gents, and employers, you are the only obstacle to a better self forward. Educate yourself and not allow others to bully you. Together we CAN. We WILL. Again, this is only a glimpse of the future possibilities offered to the village inhabitancy and many others including the surrounding community, farmers, and businesses. Make hay while the sun shines. Education, health, humanity, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, joyfulness and a full stomach is the objective for all.
In South Africa alone there are somewhat 35 indigenous languages spoken, 10 of which are official languages. The above together with the foreign employers are going to be a challenge for a long time to come. A survey amongst U S A university professional graduates found many had to work for as long as a year and more with a temporary employer at a minimum simply to gain enough practical experience to satisfy a prospective future position of satisfaction on a C.V. Prosperity is only available to one who knows or masters the art of exploiting opportunity.

Managing your household or business budget is how to manage without borrowing money or spending money on unnecessariness with money you do not have. Calculate what you lose when over spend on a credit card every time you skip a payment. Historically mankind has developed together and more superior to other species, having a sixth sense more developed to survive as the strongest of the survival. This followed by the world’s pollution and destruction for greed and power. Greed is generated because you want more than you need regardless of your fellow human or any other. History describes nations and other plundering for greed and power over many centuries. Today is the same. Greed, Power, Religion, and more wants than needs.

Wars, terrorism and financial greed is controlling the world, regardless of the many overpopulated, undereducated and the deprived sickly, and hungry. (Lack of mentoring and educational common sense.) Money was generated as a precious and scares commodity of wealth derived from master and servant. Starting with year zero, one could over-night for 3 pence, today you exchange many thousand times more, this is called inflation. Disregarding the past two world wars that developed from poverty, inflation, and greed. World wars developed from financial recession to depression. 1912/13 and 1929 / 30 depression was caused by greed. The 2007 recession was caused for the same reason but controlled by lessons from 1929.

In short, man is taking out and raping the world resources more than he replenishes, disregarding, and polluting self and resources aggravating the growing population. What has this to do with the village? NOTHING, but the world is exhausting its ability to withstand the pressure expected and will sooner or later retaliate. Depending on your thoughts, wants and needs for existence, money is regarded as a necessary or world means of exchanging for your needs and wants. Most businesses and other are racking their brains for methods of extracting more out of what is available without any regard and soon will result into consequences.

The village spouse, executive, employer, and employee will create a comfortable return by passionate wants, not greed or more than necessary wants. No person or business can reward another unless there are funds to be given as reward. The village is no different, but will generate rewards for the investor and self in very much more satisfactory conditions over a slightly longer period of stress-free satisfaction. The possibilities and financials are expanded more fully further on other pages.

Chris Barnard, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Mark Shuttle worth, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and many-many more of lesser known in South Africa and worldwide are or were labelled as geniuses.
The genius and near geniuses’ numbers are very much more than most realize. Should you investigate the life and history of the top most go getters one finds a pattern of determination, opportunity, ability, passion and no less than 10000 hours of passionate willingness and dedication behind their success. An IQ rating is what some regard as a smart brain but it is becoming more evident that mankind has developed from non-productive to the genius with the remainder of us in-between. The above go getters are born with an inherent talent. The average to better successful persons has found their inherent talent from as young as three-year-old, other in their teens and many at a very late age, some never.

Talent shows up in your vitality and eagerness to un-cover inquisitiveness and to achieve by integrating education and mastering a skill with passion. There are many geniuses out there who have not or will never get the opportunity to identify or exercise their talent. We all have a talent as a based but we must add a skill or occupational vocational interest. Talent is inherent to us all and a skill is added by you as education of all sorts which is learned and or taught to strengthen your talent. Children are sent to school at age 6, This could be earlier, educating, grooming, dividing and finding a skill to match their talent, this could takes many years to develop and needed to put to the test and not assume the educator knows best, that is why our children are sent to school for 12 to 15 years and other another 3 to 5 years college or university with the prospects of discovery or developing a talent.

Excellence is never an accident: it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and vision to see obstacles as opportunities and possibilities for further and future creation. Should one be academically inclined by nature and not bullied into such, a university will be preferred, however, the practically minded trade skills could also attain a academic education in addition to a trade such as the many engineering including medical, botany, fisheries, construction and the millions of well skilled educated to execute what the architect dreams up or the doctor needs for his or her progress. The farmer must have passion and feeling, sharing his or her achievements. The village’s laboratory will eventually cater for the full engineering skills and adding the full or necessary medical and scientific spectrum. The last sentence will become a very necessary inclusion for the future and not necessarily as a tuition subject to the learners.

The laboratories medical divisions will examine and record all persons, animal and edibles which will soon become a world requirement. Blood donors and blood samples extracted will need to be analysed, recorded and acted upon if needed. This chapter is for the spouse to expand their thoughts and ideas to a pleasant and useful existence and opportunity. The author will be pleased to hear the lady’s side of home, business, self needs and pleasures as developing or mastering and lecture for use or to manufacture. What are the needs and conditions you ladies would want the male to consider towards your wants, needs, pleasures as also the many other ideas and thoughts you may harbour? Voice your thoughts.
Mothers, scholars, ambitions talents, education and skills of the world that you would want to achieve and or transmit as a subject, such as fitness and sustainable self-defence, physically together with your desires, pleasures and comforts. Ladies, you will be astonished at the ignorance and expectations between male / female concerning themselves, past, present and or future. Past and future ramifications between families, friends, health, history, education, home, work position, business etude, children and the family future. The word LOVE is so broadly abused and manipulated. A union between couples should and mostly is a happy happening.

Some think or don’t think. A marriage is not a convenience or duty, but a union of two persons to assist, cherish and adore each a fruitful family happiness of sharing passion and companionship together as promised to one another. What sections, ideas or department/s would you like added or developed, work, play, entertainment, sport, education, business, health, retirement and or other? The village will soon build and develop a retirement, settlement. The village will be all’s, yours and ours. Workshops, factories, managers, employers, employees, babies to scholars, skills learners together with you to enlighten the world that a working day could and should be a pleasure without headaches from stress or other uncomfortable situations.

Once satisfied and consulted having investigated your idea and setup a cash-flow statement you should not linger or waste time. Time costs money, nagging thoughts and doubts. Get on with it. Care, yes, but this you should have ironed out earlier as a business strategy. A successful business and a successful marriage are almost if not precisely the same. Compare the two. A successful marriage is an harmonious union where both are on the same page without getting into one another’s hair, they understand the needs and wants to build and plan a family with the necessary further education allowing and planning for the increasing of family, education, financials, health, entertainment, social up to retirement with a stable and level headed growing family. (Or business) This will be a regular lecture.

The village executive and management will be world-wide represented together with the financial investors, sales, purchases, manufactures, designs, educating and participating. South African goods and services will be preferred bidders but will be very seriously investigated should costs exceed other with no obligation to support excessive loading. The village is for the less fortunate with minimal funds and the village will not have excessive funds to drain. The village will be based on a very solid foundation of known and proven structure to withstand any future re-arranging.

I T ability and access, displaying and communication necessaries will be developed where local or foreign becomes restrictive or costs forbidding, how, please voice your suggestions and ideas. Ladies and gents together with other are welcome to suggest a means and or a solution of a much more economical, www. web and or other means. Provided we are not in a height restrictive area we will build the tallest communication tower ever and develop other devices to exploit this for a very much wider usage.
The villages printing department will be modern and will also offer very good opportunities, this will be discussed at a later date. (Another specialist department for the ladies, employer and village.) A library for all the village covering a host of interesting and necessary subjects for children and adults. Story reading in school is very necessary to develop a future education. The village will be asking for all your unwanted books and musical instruments for this library. As mentioned before, Africa, will very soon wakeup and the world being eagerly waiting to invest in Africa as a future world supplier of food and processed commodities alongside the technological, science, medical, tertiary and a host of other.

Africa as a start is developing into the next world leader and economical giant. This is not as difficult once all the signatories agree and exercise a development plan without greed but intelligent education and understanding the world’s financial manipulators and bullies avoiding military interference or establishing a southern African intelligence agency together with an efficient combined reaction strategy. The village is NOT a welfare, hospital or sanatorium but a very passionate viable educational self-sustaining global business with the unfortunate in mind and rewarding the village staff for loyal and passionate devotion.

As mentioned elsewhere, a retirement venue / village of modest measure and financial ability is a future desired necessary as an added reward for the employer and employees free thinking future. This is further discussed and explained on other pages. PLEASE add your financial, moral, medical, social and other pleasures or obstacles to the above as also any other possibilities. (Many call this an old age home.) All must be educated to observe and care for self-preservation, genetic, medical and physical needs for a long and happy life span. This sentence will be further discussed at a future date. Ladies, please be aware, you are by nature very different to the male, do not fight the male at home, work or play.

The male is a bully by nature so you must use your natural instants to overcome any hurdles. We will help, lecture both male and female. There is a heap of ignorance in the world between the various works, home, play, money, favours and bullies at board meetings. Ladies, unless you know your proposed partner for a lengthy time you should be mindful, analyse your partners work situation, moods, ambitions, stability, temperament, personality and wants. Be very careful not to mother or smother your partner, this will bring up the worse in a partner. The better way to care for yourself is to educate yourself. Read a cross selection of books other than cooking. You will bear in mind, there are a number of ladies that treat their partners with very little respect.

Each village inhabitant will dress a uniform. The village will manufacture and or assist a spouse to establish a clothing department for this purpose. This department is not restricted to uniforms only. The village management could assisted as a clothing designer, there will be many other, knitting, weaving, arts, pottery, glass-blowing, drawing-painting, shoes, socks & stockings, hobbies like woodwork, steelwork, concrete, plaster, plastic, not forgetting the naturals, cooking, baking, icing, interior designing, games & musical pleasures, dolls, special plants, fish and animals, horse riding, nursing, beauty care, hair-nail, financials, management and so much more to investigate. You could teach and accumulate a brass, strings or combination orchestra, voice and choral.