Chapter 12

2015 Publication extended


Study methods differ vastly from one to another. Learning is a mental approach to the degrees of wanting, must, going to. Many attend school because they have to as expected, other and older however who missed out for whatever reason require a helping hand, many with the simplest needs of understanding what is necessary for the essentials of education. South Africa has adopted English and Afrikaans as a first language.

Commercially it is not possible to educate all in the various different languages. After mother tongue you must learn English or Afrikaans followed by the language in the district you reside and or work. Parents must be assisted to understand the POWER of reading and understanding what they are reading. Start reading the very easiest, start with picture books if you are starting, but U must start reading.

Your work and education are basically divided into two spheres, commonly known as more hands on or more desk jobs. It is a must for those wanting and having the ability and talent to achieve both, this intensive training could create a profitable business. The learners will make use of all the opportunities at their disposal, it’s hard work but practically free, a once off opportunity. This sentence is often very miss-understood; every operation is hands and mental. Profit is never meant to be greedy. The village will endeavour to educate and constantly produce well below the national inflation rate.

Some learn easier than other. When the instructor, lecturer or teacher knows a subject thoroughly and patently explains the details almost making a game of the subject with examples in-between, the listener absorbs the lesson easier. The village require your intelligent hands on teaching skills; one would concentrate more on the appropriated subject. There are very few who do not advocate university, maths and science for any future, although the above is true, the same is not necessarily essential for many walks of life. Almost every skill can be managed with a good understanding of arithmetic,

English and or Afrikaans. Maths and basic science are essential for the higher end of your studies. Should one omit arithmetic, accounting, health, farming etc the world will go into recess. We are all analysts, we select, choose and compare. Each workshop manufacturer is assisted with the regular upgrading of education and improving their methods and quality allowing them to maintain and gain market share. Additional attendance may be arranged with the lecturer if not your selected subject. This is also applicable to students and employees. Due to the varying levels of education amongst the learners they are encouraged to enjoy studying during their off times.
Although the village’s passion is educating, discipline, sustainability, and gain, learners are lectured in many other skills. H.I.V. Aids, health, social grace, household, marriage, financials, budgeting, D.D.D., and many others. Educated family life, passion, respect, and learning others’ desires and needs are as important as mentoring. A very important part of the learning is disciplined behaviour and consequences. It must be very clear to any and every learner or employee enrolling at the village, they do so very willingly and freely with a very clear understanding of the discipline. Discipline and willingness is most important for the success of a learner to achieve success. The learner will work in a workshop manufacture ring to achieve again in order to maintain their stay and education. As the learner progresses, they are evaluated and computer up-loaded for the next lesson.

Every step of the way is awarded the recognition of subject learning on an S.A.Q.A achievement. South African Qualifying Authority and R P L. Recognition of prior learning, in short, every learner is enrolled to gain a skill and a recognition certificate. Each and every learner must qualify him / her sufficiently to convince an employer that they are able to perform a particular task without discrediting him/herself or the village. Convince, is probably the wrong word, the work seeker who has educated themself to the standard required for a given position will have the confidence and self-assurance to face and address the employer.

It is very-very important for each and every learner and or work seeker to realise, a working position for gain (Salary) is to abide by the rules and comply with the employer to generate and maintain again so as to afford your salary. Should you think otherwise, it will be up to you to generate your own income. The village’s reputation will open doors for the certificate holder. Every applicant will be investigated for past, present, and future circumstances and conditions. Every learner is expected to perform a learning skill of production in a workshop / factory / commerce or farming, producing a multitude of products to be used for gain.

NO GAIN equals NO VILLAGE and NO EDUCATION! Every student could educate him / her-self further, reaching a degree. The state will be involved together with trade and industry, higher education, labour, justice, and social. The village has NO intention of enrolling any for academic only study now or in the future. Further trade and industrial subjects will follow as the learner progresses from to N Q F 4 and possible further. Further learning will hopefully continue after the learner leaves the village. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE WORK, A JOB. Never allow another to tell you quality education is a waste of time.
This is not the place to discuss the O to grade 12. We will also not discuss the very serious lack of quality education of the past 20 odd years. The village has absolutely no intention of coaching, persuading, or bulling any learner to perform at his / her trade and or theory; should a learner not perform in both, such a learner will be seriously investigated before a decision. Another person is waiting for your space. Such a learner will be examined for any disorder and could be relegated to a less stressful or suited position but will require investigating as to why.

Simply lowering one’s status or dismissing is not a solution. Due to the very diverse group of learners expected, the village will soonest instill a culture of human respect, how to study, and why. It has been suggested, because this is such an unusual project for every newcomer, the employee and learner will be afforded the opportunity to withdraw within the first 45 days without any reprisals. The learner, student, employee, and employer will work and play comfortably, with no stress or trauma, the above sentence will be an ongoing subject in all aspects of work and play. Stress and anxiety cause fear, fear of what?

Fear is mostly caused by the unknown. Minim sleep, worries, anxiety, headaches, and similar causes of bad health. This and similar will be lectured. Due to the very wide different social status, personalities, language, cultures, and other divides, the village must educate all in a way that all may gain. The village together with your help will need to manage the hostel space to accommodate and allow the different cultures to comply with village rules. Do not harbour the past wrongs or obsessions, nor regrets, the past is behind you which cannot be changed, learn from the past to better the future.

Inherent talent differs in each person. Observe, listen, think, analyse, separate, chose. Learners to leaders are tutored not born. Educating, coaching, and mentoring one from a very young; many others learn as they go along climbing the ladder to success. Studying is always a very good necessary requirement for any occupation, manufacturing, marketing, management, and self-employment.Many of the stumbling barriers to the entrepreneur and other every day are bureaucracy, ninety percent of all state and private departments frown on any seeking help, most can’t help. They don’t know-how.

As an adult, it is nowadays more important to know what you are going to do with your education rather than the education itself. Obstacles to overcome! Communication, education, and your past history. Competitiveness, perception, ignorance, poverty as well as learning material, transport, housing, family support, mentoring. Although necessary, money plays a smaller part than most think. Society, friends, family, and acquaintances together with the widest knowledge of similar businesses as yours and you must keep up to date.
The schools’ pass marks and or grades have revoked a serious discussion amongst educators and commerce. Which subjects must have a matric at what % passed. A non-matric does not mean you are incapable of a 100 % contribution to a job but is a means of distinguishing and separating. The question is how we divide the money and status of the bank manager as to the gardener. The non-matric or non-university person could have had the ability but not the opportunity. The village is seeking advice from commerce and industry for a means of division.

The village is seeking commerce and industry to accept our learners on a three to a nine-month trial period as if an apprentice. After this period the learner and or employer may part company without any attached to any further requirements, unions, or courts. The gap between grades 9 to 12 is rather wide. Remember, the village is NOT an academic institution; the grade 9 could result into a great helper or assistant to most, resulting into a good artisan earning an above-average income and gaining experience every day along the way. Every country or industry will always have and needs for people to do jobs thought to be less dignified.

This group will be enlightened to the facts that they could and should better their status by practice, observation, education, and study with less stress. The law of averages will always maintain a level of dumping the unwilling. Reading is probably one of the most important lessons any will ever need as an aid to education. Read all sorts, start with what interests you. Extend your reading to a wider interest and subjects to awaken your mind to all the wonders of the world and your interests as your work. Read and understand what you are reading. Acquire a bilingual dictionary.

The village will attempt to absorb a regular number of grades 9 to 11 for shorter periods but must have the willingness to listen, learn, and execute. It is not the village’s intention to dismiss or restrict this sector without good reason; there is no point in spending a fortune on a learner simply to dismiss any. The village will engage with others to assist and explore this section of learners. This will probably become a regular investigation together with other subjects and arts. Should this be your passion, you are welcome to suggest and or advise. The village will be a very-very disciplined, but a very FREE-thinking institution of “very” modern education and development. Be very – very aware of all the adverts promising you the world of education. There are many so-called professional degrees available that are not worth the paper they are written on. There are also many persons with various degrees that are very-very questionable.
The above is also applicable to the quality of grade 12 students and learner. The village may have a similar problem if the SETA does not guarantee a time frame and consequence for non-delivery. Many SETA are non-functional. I have heard and know of SETA certificates that are outstanding for years. I have also heard of people buying SETA certificates. It is possible that the village’s certificates will become more worthier than the SETA. The question of registering to qualify a learner will be discussed at a later date.

Village certificates will be registered with our commercial institutions and they will be welcome to arrange inspections to the village and investigate our quality education. The village will welcome universities and commerce to help us improve our mission with the above and many others. All and any will be welcome as visitors to section A. LATER, on completion of accommodation.