Chapter 14

2015 Publication extended

Security & Weapons

The security department will include a wide range of duties. Cameras, identification, perimeter, and internal policing. No weapons of any description are allowed into the village. Visitors and occupants hire a safety box on a daily, monthly, or annual tariff for locking away any forbidden items before entering the village. A scanner and electronic finger-hand printer with camera registering the owner. Other cameras are positioned at the entrance as a security precaution.

There are many more cameras scattered around the area at various positions recording continuously 24 / 7 This is also applicable at many other sections, the motel, entertainment, advertising displaying, and sales hall. All sections have similar. No non-registered persons are allowed into section B. C. D or E. Appointments. Buyers and business potentials will be entertained at the sales show-room-lounge or hotel until collected or escorted. The new employee must pass a security clearance and all the necessary documentation for work or business.

Section A is open and welcomes all. D.D.D. is very strictly monitored at all levels. It would be very naive to ban alcohol or tobacco but there are no tobacco, alcohol, or political advertisements whatsoever. Children, students, and learners are constantly informed of D.D.D as a social subject. Inhabitants are strictly addressed if they misbehave. Misbehaving scholars are very sternly addressed, especially as they are well aware of D.D.D and irresponsible actions. A misbehaving irresponsible scholar or other could be expelled, which leaves the parents with a major decision as this person now becomes a non-scholar and a non-employee which is not allowed other than a paying hotel visitor.

The S.A. Police remains in charge of any reported criminal action by or from any person in the village. Almost every accusation is resolved in the board room / magistrate’s chambers between the parties, security, or village. The village will soonest have a village resident magistrate and or judge. Parliament will assure and guarantee permeant land ownership to the village and investors. The question of land evasion and or encroachment, intruders, theft, especially farming. The authority and powers of our security department to react and arrest the intruder, especially theft off farmlands.
The internet as a necessity for a comprehensive communications network of internal and external including all the internet advertising will require a very detailed pre-planning network of security monitoring together with the future expansion requiring a competent management portfolio of 24/7. The above sentence will be developed internally. Monitoring and securing our internal and external security are becoming more technical advanced. Educational and physical training our security will go much further than excellent security guarding.

Armed against intellectual, intruders, and assuring all inhabits a safe and secure stay at the village. The village will abide by the laws of the country but will not tolerate dishonesty. The village management will handle and resolve almost every dispute and offense. Criminal and unlawful acts are processed by the village and the internal magistrate, judge together with the police when necessary. Private motor cars, motorbikes, bakkies, etc are allocated a parking area. No private vehicles are allowed into the village. Two, three, and four-wheeler bicycles and company transport are available where necessary. Walking is healthy.

Uniforms are standard to all employees, employers, and learners. Medicine and cosmetics are stocked at our pharmacy. Food hampers and drink is not allowed to enter the village by visitors. Man, women, and child abuse are a very serious offenses and punishable. (Could find your-self receiving lashes and or jailed.) No plastic shopping bags, use paper. No cigarette buts, paper, or similar dropping in the street, use your pockets or bins placed for that purpose.

Follow the common-sense idea together with social grace and we will not need many rules. Visitors are welcome at the hotel and parks, also the administration and sales hall. However, the village cannot accommodate the so-called broker, financial operators, burial societies, stockbrokers of any description, legal, and especially lawyers, attorneys, and advocates. The 2013 MARIKANA mine unrest shooting investigations, what a legal disgrace.

An expired student or skills learner may not remain in the village as unemployed other than section A as any other paying visitor. The swimming pool is securely fenced and out of bounds to the non-competent swimmers unless accompanied by a competent swimmer or lifesaver as registered with the village management. Any may attend the regular swimming lessons as and when exercised.
There will be swimming pools in sections A, B, and D. Section A would be for all, including visitors, this will also require secure safeguards. Section D pools will also require lockout, only assessable as prescribed and with a lifesaver in attendance. Section D will consist of more than one pool, the user will follow similar rules. No domestic animals, rodents, reptiles, or similar are allowed. Parents and or dependants may adopt one or more of the above at the park by visiting, caring, helping, learning, cleaning, etc. The village aims to create a close and harmonious society where all may do their personal and community likes or relaxing pastime activates with freedom and passion.

The village will strive for a 100% local (internal spouse) employment as available from the employee-employer, these people will occupy a position in accordance with experience, passion, and qualifications. The village will consist of a mixed racial group of men, women, and children. The village will need people of veering qualifications rather than hiring from outside avoiding housing problems and creating additional income for the spouse where possible. Every village inhabitant will duly be employed where possible.

The villages perimeter fence will be regularly patrolled by foot, horseback, silent electric driven scramblers, four by fours and other surveillance. The security department will kennel, train, and breed a selection of better-known hounds, security will probably kennel two or three breeds for the differing security and guarding necessities from tracking to attacking. Further security information on request to the management. This will be very limited and only with qualified persons. Countrywide security is big business. WHY? Statistics show us that the private security services are more than the countries' total police services. WHY?

The village will empower a large selection of the unemployed to provide for self as an entrepreneur and a larger section as employees. The unemployed in South Africa is increasing at an alarming number. This is causing civil- disobedience and increasing house robberies, theft, and other criminal acts. The investor is very aware of the unrest in South Africa and in the greater Africa. The village will be obliged to maintain an expensive and extensive security unite. Discipline will be an essential necessary resulting into consequences. This will be a very sensitive subject, but the permanent employer will want assurances and stability.
South Africa is expecting or hoping that the unemployment will dwindle, minimising the potential of civil unrest. Works opportunity for the hungry must be addressed. South Africa has all the necessary to develop and transform our farming and industry into a world wide success. We have almost every commodity needed and necessary to achieve and become a world leader and exporter. All that’s necessary is you, and a better understanding from the State and municipal authorities, disciplined education. The junior school must be more quality educational and disciplined. Security together with the S A P S will be consulted. A lock-up, known as a police cell will be at our security and hopefully not needed. A stable and spread out coral will also be attached to the security office. The farming division will also have access and training for horse lovers.