Chapter 15

2015 Publication extended

National Scarce Skills

The word skill is often misinterpreted. Every person exercise or have a skill. Most skills are called occupations, no matter what you call your job, it is a skill. Many vacancies are filled by the minimum skills earning lower incomes. This is divided from babies to the oldest, genders and nationalities from grade school to the multi educated into the many-many works positions.

One having years of experience without adding the necessary theoretical education would learn but not progress, you must exercise your talent together with education. We will concentrate on the non-university learner without ignoring the future university education. The gardener and or domestic should receive more respect but must also educate and improve themselves for the better. We, and the many talks about the fourth revolution, this is nonsense. Man, and the world has revolutionised himself and the world dozens of times during past recording.

Since 19-18/45, after the last world war, the advances in technology have escalated by leaps and bounds, the commercial use of many new thoughts came to the market, plastic, ball-pen, colour photography, transistor, microchip, calculator, jet propulsion, micro oven, medical and many other. Now, in the 2000’s we can and will expect the tempo to maintain new advances. IT and the programming of needs are and will rule the future.

All are not the super educated but the village will mentor and educate a skill which will develop into a good to better employee and or an employer. What is important to us all is security, satisfaction, justice, health, recognition, loved, wanted, sharing, giving, and receiving with a roof over our head with education. The village will help but not accommodate or harbour the un-willing. When we exercise an occupation and feel comfortable doing a day’s work that is appreciated, we feel better. Do not confuse appreciated and recognition as a right. Your rights will be earned together with obligations.

Do not comprise your-self; do not fear the past but look to the future. The village will need statistics and internal monitoring enabling the village to intervene well in time of needs and corrections, profitability, and or loss will be an ongoing program for the entire village. Each partner must and will acknowledge and be assisted by the entire village in times of mounting pressure. The village will consist of people with the most amazing foresight, talent, and ways to get around an obstacle; this will be a very—very plus factor in the village for and from all the village occupants.
Profitability is a must. The village needs every occupant to constantly scheme and dream up the most unthinkable ideas and products. The village will be an out of town venue. The spouse, male or female will design, assemble and arrange arts, casual days, evenings, and weekend showings. This goes for every aspect of the village. Combine business and pleasure with trade shows, garden shows, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Visitors, businesses, and friends must want to come again for purchasing and or a pleasant day. Visual satisfaction and comfort are good advertising. Our businesses will not invite a free ride to any but will enlighten all should they wish to visit or engage. This includes all Africa and worldwide. The above will emphasise the village’s needs for unusual and scarce skills to be promoted. Our manufacturers will seek and experiment on many products as an extension. The village spouse and employer will constantly be alerted and updated to any opportunity for self or others.

The village management will keep the moment and excitement of creating new ideas alive avoiding this dwindling. The spouse and other will be very familiar with the comings and goings of the village's operations and manufacturers which includes farming and entertainment. The variety of skills in the village will soon be very extensive and unusual, ideas coming from the spouse, workshops, and learners for pleasure, profit and you are very welcome to extend this into a monetary project. The village's financials are calculated completely separate on other platforms avoiding hiccups and some other inquisitiveness. However, one of the many discussions is reducing the costs of production and increasing quality, add your ideas to this thinking of the future.

Steel imports are cheaper than our own, why? There are many-many other. Power developments, power tools development, and manufacture, we will work around this sort of handicaps. Enlighten us with the many lesser-known items and thoughts. If it can be used, we will trial and perfect. We will all be alert for progress and thinking ahead. Develop an economical electrical driven bike, scooter, skateboard, home, camping, the electric-powered bicycle industry, and plenty more. Power accumulators (batteries) need much further research. The bigger idea is EDUCATION. Creating jobs is only possible when the capable educated and financially come together without ridicules threats and restraints from the many negatives. Properly educated working in safe and comfortable conditions will be a priority.
The subjects as above and future will always be analysed and a curriculum followed. Scarce skills are only scarce when in demand and or short supply. The village will produce skills for and from our manufacturing producers to the highest standards. We will not discuss learner artisans at this time but be assured the eager and willing will do good, better, regardless of his, her chosen skill, and or grading.

The employer is always chasing a bigger profit, what about preplanning and allowing you more comfort, reducing wasted time and material using the newest technology, programs and necessary part of your works place or office and administration, planning and designing, or get help. It is very helpful when the employee is healthy and happy, mentally, and physically exercising common sense. Scarce skills include providing for your health, nearest, and future aging.

The new skills and ideas fostering and creating future I T ideas and more importantly assisting with the development of ideas and improving a thought via the village will be capable of taking a creation or idea from thoughts to drawing board and production, (Silicon Valley) internally and externally also world-wide are very-very welcome to participate in producing your products at a more economical bottom line together with the most interesting leisure and comfortable conditions, health and welfare.

The village and the employer will welcome hearing your thoughts for any to express, demonstrate, design, or any other means of improving a works situation. The village will continually seek new ways of education and production. Voice your thoughts, ideas, and participation. Your past, present or future living conditions will explain a heap of useful information to one's needs to unravel before the medical, consultant, or mentor explaining what can or will help. There is no mystery about scarce skills, you look into bottlenecks every day, you curse. Think of a remedy. Your car, bakkie, truck, household, children’s irritations, work, home, garden, and play.

Out on the golf field, your opponent or companion tells you about all the bottle necks at office and production. How would you face his or your stumbling hurdles? Listen more carefully to complaints, often, the remedy is facing you. Scarce skills are ignored, most remedies are common sense. Irritations, yes, put them aside, but they will not go away. Analyse and solve the hurdles as and when they come along with an open mind. The village will develop all ideas. Mine and yours.