Chapter 17

2015 Publication extended

Social Attention

Money is the root of all evil. “Give me some more evil.” “Money”. State grants and private handouts; assistance and donations are given out to charity as donations are derived from tax collected and or profits. The Good Samaritan can only be a Good Samaritan if they have something to give. Notwithstanding the remarks from many, the village manufacturers must be profitable with the Good Samaritan in mind. The more we gain, the better Samaritan. Although briefly mentioned in other chapters of this project the village is committed to a comprehensive social program.

Man / woman abuse, child neglect / abuse. H I V / AIDS and other social programs. Discipline is and will always be a very necessary part of any successful project. Imagine, condoning the abuse of drink, dagga, drugs, obesity, fighting like hooligans, bad-mouthed, or bad hygiene. The above are dealt with in the various pages of the project. How long do you think the Good Samaritan would last if the feeding hand is growled at or bitten? Every effort will be made to please all; this is a school of learning with many thousands dreaming of an opportunity such as this with many more millions requiring the same opportunity. This project is very different from the norm, participating learners trusting that what they hear is true so they may look forward to success. It may or may not surprise you to learn how few know what social grace is or supposed to mean.

All rich are not socially educated, nor are all lessor income lacking in social grace. Social grace does not mean the same to all. The word Love, what would this mean? Pretty, handsome, big, small, overweight, underweight, hygiene, clothing, position, money, religion, or a number of others. Sex is not love, a desirable phenomenon; yes, not a free for all abuse. Underage pregnancy is considered as consented ignorance and or pressured. Social abuse is seriously addressed with consequents. The village is to strive for a very happy and contented community without stress or other reasons of displeasure. One will very seldom please all, but we will try. Social and business meetings and gatherings will wear the village dress code as the normal daily uniform. Naturally, you will use your discretion.
One would not expect private personal hygiene to be discussed, but this will come up during extra lessons. Employers, employees, and learners are adults and have self-respect for themselves and others or consult the medical officer. Children, scholars, and learners are educated as to personal and expected respect to all hygiene requirements. Learner lady’s regular needs are being investigated for good / better results. Section A is especially created for the employers and employees including children and is extended to include visitors, referring to the summer house, gazebo, chapel, hotel, parks, economical supermarket, and the many other relaxing entertainments.

The village will recruit many mature experienced intelligent employees for durations or permanent as very loyal employees. Many of the loyal seniors could remain active employees with the expectations of a comfortable relaxed semi-retirement activity. The village is compiling a future retirement community center and internal pension scheme. Better known as retirement accommodation of affordable relaxation and comfort. As on other pages, the village will establish a laboratory and clinic to accommodate an active medical academic research station.

You are encouraged to organize a fashion show, flower displays, drawing, painting exhibition’s, designs, writing storybooks, picture books, cookery, entertainment, this is up to you, not the village management, although management is part of the village and will assure all activities are assisted where logic. All are welcome to put forward a request or proposal, needs, wants, pleasure, or business. It will be very important and necessary for every inhabitant of the village to enjoy themselves in a very-very relaxed atmosphere of feeling wanted, needed, respected, and appreciated.

Strict rules will never be a deterrent from enjoying life to the fullest at the village. The many partners, employee’s and spouses could come up with part-time / full-time mini businesses as mentioned, hairdressing, barber, nail bar, massage paler, florists, swimming classes, dancing, fashion & jeweler design. There are so many other, math’s, languages, art, pottery, glass blowing, woodwork, metalwork, and so on. The above hobby workshops could result into a profitable return, if so, you will have to pay your dues, rental, when profitable enough. The village will never box U in.
The village is not an old fashion “prune”. You; we are the village, enjoy it to the maximum. Should any club, villager, or similar get more daring than necessary, you will be obscure and be aware of others, enjoy yourself. South Africa’s past history was a very mixed bag of regulations, social rights, and wrongs, when paid TV and videos become available the flood gates opened, the uninformed and ignorant went overboard and the very many twelve-year-old mothers have become a dilemma. As on other pages, all parents are advised to enlighten their children with educated freedom. Fathers and mothers in South Africa are far behind teaching and or explaining to the new puberty son or daughter what is happening and why. The village will address adult health and hygiene as a regular subject.

The above sentences are very foreign to the average South African, however, the village is very serious about all enjoying their stay, short or long, as a very pleasant atmosphere and or past memory, other will be extended as funds allow, the hotel, chapel and pool will cater for pleasure, week-end, evening gatherings to swim and braai, the auditorium or other will be available for gatherings, games or other when not in use. The above is primarily for the hard-working to let down their hair and relax without becoming a pain in the B/Side. The elder is encouraged to remain very active at work, play, and or hobby and not retire to an armchair awaiting cremation. The main objective is to overcome any possibility of boredom or loneliness together with education and welfare. Return on investment MUST always be in mind. No gain equals no village.

Because this project is so new to most, the author welcomes any social, industrial, commercial, and farming advances. We will not cater for the academic but will include your academic thoughts if this will advance the village. The village will educate many additional add on subjects, mostly adult orientated business, pleasure together with counseling, mentoring, mind setting, enlightening, hygiene together with any to advance science and our members. The village will be reasonably isolated with a very wider selection of activities of work and play. This is a commercial undertaking with a very different approach.
All the social activities must satisfy most and result into a very comfortable R O I without stress. Freedom of thought without encroaching on another is very important. Some may see this as unexpected, especially the wider thinking with the experience of diversity. Help; assist the village members and yourself with advancement, pleasure, and science alongside future education and production methods and products resulting into more comfortable working environmental conditions of happy living and earning. The prospective employee and employer could or should visit the village for a weekend to look, learn, and familiarizing self and or family with unusual conditions. Only after conditions and accommodation becomes available. This is further described in other chapters.