Chapter 18

2015 Publication extended

The Applicant

The employee and learner applicant will be very vigorously screened for suitability. The learner is not a student, but an unemployed adult with a desire to learn a hands-on trade in one or more of the many-many trade skills which the village will offer. The standards required are rather strenuous when it comes to common sense and the ability to apply mind and body to the applicable position, the village will attempt to secure a suitable position of employment for each capable skilled learner on graduating. The village could NOT guarantee the learner a working position, the learner is the only one who could guarantee his / her working position with an employer, self-employment or entrepreneur. The village will compile a certificate / reference for the graduating learner’s employer. The compiled reference will reflect the behaviour and equivalent standard’s (NQF) achieved, but could never guarantee a learner’s future behaviour. The employment possibilities will expand as the village grows from building and civil construction into every other trade industry including many other professional trades. The applicant learner could also be recommended by industry, State, municipalities and social welfare, the applicant could be assisted by the above, the assistant will have been appointed by the above management and a copy of his / her letter of appointment will accompany the learner’s application. The industrial appointed will naturally not have been unemployed. The State, State parastatals or municipality affiliates may NOT recommend direct family. The village have minimum stipulations but could not accept one who fails the minimum requirements, this would be very-very disruptive. On arrival, the learner will fill in an additional village application by free-hand, the applicant must know and fully understand what he / she has written and why.
The village do not distinguish between race, sexes or creed. The learner will be 25 to 30 years of age. Have attained a grade 9 to 12 school certificate. A NQF certificate will be accepted when and where applicable. The applicant will not be a D D D, will be healthy as described by a registered medical doctor, be free of any transmittable ill’s and a full description of any prescription needs. Applicant will not have a past or present criminal record and is NOT a financial provider to family or other. The learners only break / holiday / leave will be during the December / January recess. The applicant will ad-heed and agree to all the village rules as described and explained at first interview and chapters. The applicant will have read and understand the chapters from 0. to 20. The employee will be assessed by the pre-scribed application for the differing positions, the D D D, justice and health will apply. The qualifications will depend on the position applied for. Every position will be assessed as received and not necessarily a higher education certificate, diploma or degree. There will be no private vehicle’s in / on the village site, all / any private vehicles will be allocated a parking space in the parking pool. No firearms or dangerous weapons of any description will enter the village. A secure locker will be available at security on entry for any valuables and or restrictive articles at your cost. Other than the visitor, the employee, employer and learner will be photographed and finger-printed. Other than the visitor, all occupants will freely donate a blood sample for our laboratory to analyse and record DNA results during their first medical examination which will also be recorder but only available to senior management and medical or justice.
Each employee and employer will be allocated a dwelling / house / simplex / duplex, apartment or other as necessary in accordance with family needs. Dwellings rentals are calculated according to the floor area. The dwellings are furnished and the occupier needing very little to no further needs. Bedding, curtains, cutlery and crookery are under discussions. Should you wish to bring your own, you will consult with management. A medium size washing machine will be included. Kitchen utensils are also a question, each may want different. Each occupant and children will wear the village dress / uniform in accordance to position. Water and electric consumption will be metered and by-monthly or quarterly billed. The employee’s spouse will soonest be interviewed for a future vacancy if not previously arranged. Behaviour by self and children is strictly monitored and the responsibility of the parents. The employee and family will enjoy all the educational and relaxing facilities available in the village. The employee’s income will be deposited into the village bank and the bank will manage and arrange all your banking needs. The employer. The employer’s business will have been previously concluded. The housing question will be very similar to the employee, the employer’s spouse and children will also conform to the above. Where necessary the employer will be exempt from “no vehicle” a mini bus or similar where necessary for business. This will be discussed at application meetings. In the early days, the walking or cycling will not be a concern, however, very soon the village will need a means of transportation. Occupants and visitors transport will be managed by the transport department and security. Security will be issued with electric motor cycles including other needs.
The village is investigating the designing and production of electric cycles and similar vehicles as the electric golf cars. Batteries and accumulators will also receive very serious attention. Join us. The construction, machinery and transport will be managed by the various village workshops and management. The villages maintenance workshop will be very comprehensive, servicing and capable of a very wide selection of differing needs and services. All non-permanent inhabitants at the village will be regarded as visitors or contractors. No visitor or non-employee may enter section B,C,D,E or F without prior permission from manager and then only when escorted to the required destination or person. The village’s establishment is for education; however, the village investors will inject a very-very substantial financial sum and not require a dividend in the short terms. The financials will be discussed at a later date with the appropriated persons. The village will operate as a local and international business. Although the village is to be educational, the management, employees and employers must generate sufficient funds to operate and maintain a successful future. To do this, the village will create very pleasant and economical working and living conditions as also the most enjoyable surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. A happy and contented employer, employee, student and learner will prosper by our methods and conditions of learning, working and playing. Section A is especially designed for the above as described in the chapters. 90% of satisfaction is generated by self regardless of your situation and or conditions. A positive, constructive and willingness to self and other is normally from a healthy mind, body and soul.
Face each and every morning with eagerness, good thoughts and productive ideas. This project will not and probably never be a listed company. The village will comply with each and all the required legislation as a conventual company. The forward thinking of the village is so foreign to the average reader. The positive and constructive will further inform you once the village have secured an industrial farm site together with the blessings from the surrounding community, you and the State. The village will expand day by day which will require very large sums of funding which the village personal, learners, South Africa and you will generate. Made in South Africa. MORE EXPORTS, is one of the few options left for us together with constructive education and positive behaviour. Responsibility. As before stated, you, the potential investor, employer, employee, learners and readers are welcome to add your thoughts for a constructive village of intelligent education and production. Constructive intelligent forward thinking and producing is only available to ones doing and not blaming. The applicant will be eager and wanting to learn, work, play and stay healthy, a healthy mind and reason of prosperity will award all for a long and happy future.