Chapter 19

2015 Publication extended

External Sales

Internal sales is for the village occupants benefit at a reasonable cost without frills, our supermarket which is intended as a very essential service is open and accessible to all including visitors. External sales are very- very important for the existents of the village. Sale of our products are an ongoing program to keep the village liquid. The employer manufacturers could have outlets in South Africa, Africa, and worldwide.

The village will strive for a balance between the manufacturers and village’ sales to maintain and generate income with heavy emphases on the export market from our workshops, factories, and products. Working conditions, money, inflation, and profit is always the bottom line to any business. Although education is the first concern, funding and quality resulting from the dedicated lecturers, journeyman, instructors and workings must ensure the manufacturing show a healthy R O I without stress.

A comprehensive sales program is maintained and in place together with all village products as and when available. Our manufacturers and village as part of the in-house internet’s advertising and sales department will collectively seeking exports into Africa and worldwide. The village is always on the lookout for a positive and progressive producer for exports. Village will be investigating products for self and our manufacturers to be used locally and export. Many of these needs are for internal use but could supply an external user or distributor from a partner.

The woodworks, furniture, windows, steel, engineering, farming. The exhibition display hall is the ideal place to showcase, advertisements, sales, and any products requires a distributor and or partner for our export product. Due to costs, many a potential exporter or consumer will not be aware of the extensive range of goods available. Distributors are welcome to inquire. The internet is developing into an essential department for our manufactures. Village occupants must exploit this to the fullest as an advertising tool.

Once a visitor, buyer or distributor has visited our displays, they will certainly revisit us again to prop up their memory as an excuse to revisit our hospitality and parks for leisure and pleasurable surroundings in conjunction with business. The villages web site will to be comparable with the best in the world. Advertising our products, information gathering facts, will be a permanent seek, find, explore, develop, and accessible to all partners and spouse who require sales assistance, advice, information, and discussions.
Each partner is a separate entirety on its own, it is very necessary for every partner and every other section to show a comfortable ROI. Internet, cell phone marketing, and advertising are nowadays very essential but the print is yet an option alongside. South Africa is amongst the most advanced and progressive advertising houses in the world. The village’s reputation will grow as partners succeed and prosper by producing quality products accessible to local and export at the most economical rates.

The village management together with our partners will handle all transport and exports, local and foreign, saving a cluster of unnecessary fumbling. Due to the many advantages every partner receives, our manufacturers may not compete with our internal manufacturers. This is further discussed on other pages. The sales department together with all our members will constantly update and consult on all advertising and sales development, dispatch, and export. The village and partners will be worldwide connected and develop a very professional and aggressive marketing sales and despatching, road, rail, air, and ocean across the world. This same office will seek and find a business for all our producers. Progress will be discussed monthly during the management meetings or by request.

Another word for poverty is called INFLATION, but without understanding, it is almost impossible, the village will strive to teach and lecture the learner how to minimise and or beat inflation. Producing below inflation is a tall order but not impossible. Intelligent education will help and the village will lecture. What is inflation? Simply said, today you are paying more for the same product you purchased last month, why? The biggest and almost only reason is inflated salaries, electricity, water, hired floor space, and demands from overpopulated services and lack of discipline in the manufacturing, distributor, and retailers. Your author describes inflation as to much money chasing too few goods.

How on earth could any think so illogically? Chapter 3 ends with, GREED, POWER, and RELIGION. Think about the above sentence. Education. There are many books and articles written on financials and associated principals with each writer describing their own thinking. The world revolves around money spent and wastes on unnecessary greed, luxuries, and riches that requires additional amounts of financing.
The unemployed complain but spend on useless needs, liquor, smoking, drugs, fashion, sex, etc, why? Every day we hear workers striving for more money. The dilemma in South Africa is labour costing more than its production. The legislation is not based on educated economics but tradition, power, and obsession. When management is seen to squander and waste on self at the cost of another and the working thinking they are entitled to a better deal thing start to go wrong, especially the States luxury spending. State corruption is sticking its head out everywhere.

More often an article is increased due to shortages of availability for many reasons. Salaries and wage demands are of the biggest inflation followed by shareholders (Brokers) demands. Production costs as against imported goods and service deliveries together with uneducated and unproductivity demands are way out of proportion when compared with our foreign competitors. Perks, wages, electricity, water, transport costs directly increase inflation, how? Because the producer most increases the selling price to afford that salary increase.

You pay more income tax as also other services so all-round prices are increased. However, should the production costs remain or reduce then the producer would willingly offer you a bonus for your efforts. Today’s businesses and factories are seldom privately managed or owned and the leaders squeeze every cent for shareholders' admiration praises and financial gain. The above will not change in the near future. In the last quarter-century trade unions, politicians and state employees have not created or increases our exports or entrepreneurs producing or manufactures.

How many political ministers with millions of rand slashed away have educated or built an exporting factory? Reduce the cost of services and production. Reframing to pay additional increases will only happen when the populist is educated on how a household budget could improve living conditions. South Africa must compete with and or against the worlds lower cost, quality, and appeal. Quality production at affordable sales is the objective for self and future entrepreneurs. The village will educate the occupants to this end. This project is not a lesson but the author will discuss and answer questions.