Chapter 2

2015 Publication extended

Economical Skills Education

Learning, which includes almost every aspect of industrial, commerce, construction and agriculture. All certificates and C V’s received from applicants will be scrutinised and verified. The applicant must be voluntary, physically healthy and capable of handling the necessary literature, tools and equipment associated with the chosen trade. South Africa is very-very far behind with innovative creativity; manufacturing and freedom on universal education, exporting and replacing many imports. Manufacturers and producers are restricted by lack of municipal business assistance. The lack of adequate RESPONSIBLE education remains the biggest stumbling block followed by justice, food, travel distance and housing. Water and electricity are becoming a serious challenge. The cost of healthy water and electric power is choking the industry. We are investigating this for future sustainability and renewable resources.

The applicant will have no previous disruptive or violent trends. The applicant artisan learner confirms, he / she is not a liquor or drug abuser and has been scrutinized for T.B. and other transmittable infections together with a full disclosure of any prescription requirements from the family doctor or clinic, accompanied with a social and physical behavioural report that will be traceable back from State and or commerce, such as a State or private social persons. The learner receives an allowance for self-hygiene, toiletries and titbits. An amount of this allowance is deposited into a savings account for collection on graduation of contract less any punitive fines or similar, this commences on day one, savings only available on graduation day. The employee and learner applicants may request cancelling their contract within the first 45 days of enrolment.

After this 45 day period, the learner will lose part of if not all their savings against dissatisfactory behaviour and will be billed for the duration of past accommodation and education, should a learner be expelled or absconds during training they will be billed as if they were attending any university or college and are further listed on a national data list as a debtor and an unreliable person; Sooner or later the past will catch up with you. Please, the village is not a holiday. You will work (diligently) hard and LEARN HARDER, if not, remain where you are. (Not welcome.)

The learner artisan and employee are evaluated regularly, ratings reflecting commitment and willingness. The willing learners will be taught how an intelligent thinking mind will gain and utilises education and common sense. WORK SMARTER not HARDER. The village will not tolerate disobedience of any nature, abuse to property, person or other. Strikes, go slow or non-learning will cause punitive action and dismissal if deemed necessary, the monthly evaluation willingness credits will help decussations. Should one want to strike, demand or demolish, you will receive a suitable deterrent.

Any reasons for dissatisfaction will be investigated and your reasoning will be heard at a hearing. All hearings are further analysed and evaluated by our internal village court. No external hearings, village court only. Suggest a suitable mild and harsher punishment. Male and female. Very necessary. A mishap, accident or worse is always investigated; more often a mishap is due to ignorance or carelessness, always act responsibly. You are learning, probably haven’t any experience.
Most who damage or hurt themselves is a novice who do silly things or the experienced who think they know it all. 90% of all accidents, mistakes, and wrong decisions are human error. Concentrate, think, and be aware of your thoughts at all times. Think before you bark, speak, or do. Familiarity breeds content. No demands, no trade unions, or political activities are allowed to disrupt the learning program. The village management and employers will strive to create a very creative free-thinking artisan in an atmosphere of feeling wanted and appreciated during their stay in the village. All must feel and think positive, free, jubilant, healthy, and wanting to face the day with positivity and eagerness as a contributor to self and village.

Think healthy and be positive. Reward yourself with positive thoughts, habits, and mindset. TOGETHER WE CAN. YOU CAN AND WILL.

Almost every subject offered at the village could result into a degree; this naturally only if further pursued. Although the village will maintain a very strict discipline, this will result into better quality and reputation you will be blessed with and the village assists the learners with employment on expiry of their contract; however, the village is not directly involved with past graduates. Every graduate should belong to the old boys, girls club affording all ex-members the opportunity of further contact allowing for the fostering of business and social ideas.

Every applicant applying for a vacancy at the village becomes a privilege and never a right. Respect is earned and could not be bought. Every occupant at the village will be respected and must exercise the same respect. The financial executive management itself will NOT DECLARE or DISTRIBUTE any DIVIDENDS in the near future. The executive investor’s dividends will go back into debt relief, education, expansion, and maintenance. During the early days, the cost to the village will be very –very demanding. The village could not harbour passengers.

The village will assist the willing learner to achieve what the learner is capable of achieving and must also have a good command of English and or Afrikaans reading, writing, and arithmetic. Every learner will recite the 2-12 multiplication tables and recite the alphabet. (Grades 9 to 12) There is no point in teaching a foreign or other languages if this is not universal. The village and manufacturing will engage quality language instructors at all venues, factory workshops, and especially the farming learners for a better understanding of words, language, and instructions.

The village will strive to make your stay as happy and comfortable as can be, this can only happen with your assistance and corporation. Believe it or not, there is nothing for nothing and very little for the rand, ever! Therefore, the village will educate the many thousands at a very-very modest cost. The village and factory workshops will contribute to your stay at the village. Should the state reframe from contributing, you, the learner will not be penalized.

READING is a very-very good necessity and healthy habit. Read anything and everything you can. Reading is very healthy, broadens the mind, thoughts, ideas, and your studies. As time and tide goes by you should add other professional reading of pleasure and academic subjects.
Be alert during working, learning and lecturers, ask and questions any uncertainty. The previously known apprenticeships have almost faded out but this could yet be exercised. There are a number of companies who are willing to appoint learners as apprentice or similar. Education in South Africa is extremely fragmented, state and private. Time has arrived for the entire schooling education and labour approach to be completely investigated and reformed. At present this is called unemployment. The newer approach is called responsibility, willingness and education. ( S M M E’s must be very seriously analysed and minimised or seriously diminished, abolishing obsessions and concentrating on the future possibilities.)

Should you be creative and or have any thoughtful ideas, work on it, look it up, read and investigate your options. It is often a small item or thought that is developed into a financial success. Use your time constructively and meaningfully. Never blame another for your shortcomings, seek advice, help or consultation. Should something not work out, there is a reason, the sooner you unravel the problem the better.

Start thinking out of the box. Mentoring and role models will become very necessary to build and install an encouraging competence and reason to prosper without destruction, disruptions or neglecting other, feel stronger and last longer, educate yourself for a distinguished future. Only you can help yourself. Bring forward your outrageous dreams, development thoughts and production ideas; we will together evaluate and further develop your ideas if feasible production is always possible.

The human mind is yet very much unknown and mysterious to mankind. South Africa has the resources, funds and talent to prosper but is not getting any answers or guaranteed guidelines on any questions. The sooner the State draws up a universal page that all understand and get the municipality to assist the business-minded at an accessible office or counter occupied by qualified educated balanced minded staff to assist with the municipal by-laws including financial, building, health, education, location and other needing a business licence and or the guidance as to who and or which office to call on. How, when, where and who to call on. We could label this office, the future entrepreneurs new trading licences.

The last sentence is extended further on other paged. Most of the factory production workshops will close down over the XMAS recess. Recess means, a break from your busy daily chores. The new years works starting date will be honoured and no excuses will be accepted.