Chapter 20

2015 Publication extended

The Village Shopping, Entertainment, Sales, Hotel & Accomadition

Section- A. Administration, hotel, parks, leisure, shopping, business.
Section- B. Employees & employers’ accommodation. And grades.
Section- C. Farming.
Section- D. learner’s accommodation and leisure.
Section- E. Workshops, factories, education.
Section- F. Future expansion.

Section “ A “.
Comprises various and diverse businesses. Namely, management, manufacturing, products display, sales, contracts, hotel, and administration. Substantial parks areas for entertainment, recreation, and education. The hotel will accommodate visitors and business. Also, employees and employers for relaxing and entertainment. A Chapel will be built within the very serene garden surroundings. Surrounding gardens will include the hot-house, fern-house, numerous flower bed arrangements, animals, lawns, bird aviary, and plenty farm skills learners to assist you with other interesting displays.

Section A is separated from other sections. The thought is for section A as a breakaway. The hotel will operate much the same as the 1 -- 3 stars rating for relaxing and playground for the employees, employers, family, and visitors. Also due to the distant isolation of the village and business. A shopping centre stocked with a good selection of needs to satisfy the average householders consumer needs. Liquor and tobacco will be available but monitored very closely for abuse. No liquor, tobacco or political displays as advertisements will be displayed or aloud at the hotel or village.

The village bank will be equipped to manage all your banking needs. The administration block will include a reasonably sized show-room for the displaying and commercialising village merchandise from each workshop-factory including other such as farm produce's, the spouse’s sales, the edibles, laboratories, and veterinary. The above as village management departments.
Other management departments. Building & civil construction, engineering, road construction, mechanical, electrical distribution, water purification and distribution, farming, and substantial village workshops will be scatted around the site but out of reach to non-employees. Sporting, play / relaxing areas are very necessary. Accessibility to visitors is yet a question. Another question is a moderate golf range, soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, bowls, wall and table games, gym, sauna, amongst the many other. Why is this a question.

The village will be a very comfortable and relaxing education of production, but this comes at an expense. The village will need more than one rabbit from the magician’s hat. Every village inhabitant and visitor must remember the village as a very pleasant memory. The village together with all the inhabitants will constantly be alert, devising, and attracting outsiders to enjoy the shopping, entertainment, and SPENDING. This will be a regularly discussed with a selection of employees, employers, management, and senior learners.

Section “ B “
Accommodation for the employees, employers and family. Apartments range in size from bachelor, one, two, three and four bedroomed apartments. Each apartment is fully fitted. Each apartment has a pre-paid electric and water consumption metering, rental is calculated at floor area. Normal ware and tare are accepted, should the tenant abuse or damage any village property this will be repaired by the village maintenance department for the tenant’s account.

Apartments are logic and comfortable without frills. A day school, nursery and day clinic will engage the babies and toddlers during parents absent. The school will educate an established school academia for grades R to grade 12. The sporting and playing areas are yet a question. This will soonest be resolved. Section B will allow enough playing area. Funding will always be a question and objective; the village must attract enough finances to accomplish the final objective and we will attract funds from visitors and purchasers. This will be very-very necessary and essential. Sporting and sporting clubs could and will be established.
The entire village could be described as a commercial venture with a difference. Educating learners with very little to no previous skills is going to be a challenge for some time to come. This challenge will be overcome. Advertising and sales are the responsibility of the different workshops and departments. However, the village is a shareholder in every business and the village’s responsibility, we must ensure that each business is successful and sustainable, hens the very extensive business and internet advertising available to all.

It is important that all are willing, passionate, enthusiastic & comfortable. The village will strive to ensure all occupants are happy and content. The farming learners and spouse will be active across all sections with a large number active in section A & B” gardens, tunnels, animals and businesses. The village will very willingly assist, but not babysit any. Hobbies, caretakers, and gain are welcome.

Section “C”.
This is for the bulk farming area. The farming will include a very diverse selection covering the very necessary including the parks, animals, birds, fish, exotic such as fora & flora across the entire village. Production, sales, self needs, and profitable to village and partners. This section will require more diverse attention than expected, there is more opportunity, management, processing, engineering, financials, educating and maintenance than the average would expect, this will also be extended for extra-ordinary thoughts and ideas of education, gain for both and other. Think out of the box and all other innovation, ideas, and thoughts. Water availability and seasonal weather will be a very decisive factor.

Section “D”.
Learners hostels as accommodation and recreation. This section will absorb the largest share of the budget, we have devise methods to overcome this. Each hostel will be self-sufficient but will also share duties, one hostel may bake bread for several other who could do washing and ironing or lunch parcels and so on for other. The hostels will be built in groups of 4, avoiding over lengthily walking distances to the appropriated works position.
Section ” E”.
This is probably the most important learning and producing area which will contribute to the larger percentage of the financial contribution enabling the village to exist. Each employer will be encouraged to discuss, develop growth and new ventures and ideas amongst all, creating and manufacturing the most unthinkable for self, export, and or other internal employers. Collaboration is very important. There is no limit to floor space and hands for expansion, floor space, hands, and assistance from qualified education. 3D processing- printing is a fascinating future. Bring it. Use It. Exploit it. Add any extraordinarily or other product the world needs.

Section “F”.
Is a future extending project of a very exciting and exceptional development as discussed in the chapter ( XX ). This will be discussed at a later date. The village will entertain and or listen to any suggestion on improvements to the above subjects. Educating manufacturing of existing or new thoughts and ideas will be welcome for self and village. Employment and exports coming from the newest technology will be ongoing. The world’s talent is included in the above sentence. LET'S hear from YOU.

This projects thoughts and ideas are in circulation but will not develop further without the full blessing and guarantees from Parliament, Province, Municipality’s, and surrounding community. (Also from you.) Investors, business, employers, employees manufacturer’s and inventers around the world are very welcome to comment. The village must and will generate sufficient funds to satisfy the employer, village, and executive financiers, also enabling the learner to improve the employers bottom line for self and commerce. The above sentence will not tolerate any misuse or abuse by or from any. Misuse by any will receive a corresponding consequence. Strict responsibility will be exercised at all times.