Chapter 3

2015 Publication extended


The qualifications offered will be of the best available. The village’s educational standards will exceed the S A Q A qualification requirement at each stage of compliance. We will not compete with our universities or any other institution of learning. The country needs skilled educated industrial, commercial and agricultural workers and entrepreneurs with theoretical and practical experience of the best we can produce covering a very wide range of categories and trade skills such as lecturers, instructors, inspectors, foremen, supervisors, managers, housing, construction, water reticulation, wastewater, farmers, machine minders, assemblers, fitters, turners, stores, municipalities, boiler trades and or your requests.

These are some of the skills we will need together with many more. A request or application from any as a partner employer wishing to establish a production facility together with education is welcome to put forward a detailed proposal together with the expected product demand, financial setup, a breakdown of the start-up and expected manpower requirements, water and electricity demand, skills and management requirements.

The village will assist with any unknown areas; your proposal will be evaluated for export, sustainability, and duration. Export is a very welcome plus but not essential. On acceptance, the village constructs the workshop as required and could assist with a minor or more detailed installation of equipment, machinery, and skills. The manufacturer now becomes a partner tenant. The tenant hires, occupies, and utilises the building as if anywhere in South Africa.

The tenant now referred to as partner who will comply with the industrial and the village’s norms and regulations. The new partner brings his, her necessary skilled skeleton staff but utilises the village’s manpower. The partner together with the village teaches, educates, rehabilitates, and disciplines the new trainee to the highest standards for the benefit of the manufacturer, trainee, and village. All trainees are enrolled as low risk, minor offences; voluntary artisan learners having limited knowledge but who wish to improve their future and yours.

The village is not involved with the partner's business beyond the village walls. The opportunities of shorter duration such as beautician, hair, nails, bakery, beekeeping, garden services, and plenty other that will not qualify for a N Q F certificate but an internal recognition will be allocated to village management.
Employees and artisan learners are constantly evaluated on the “job” venues. Every employee and artisan learners are awarded a certificate on his, her standards attained and measured alongside the 1 to 100 evaluations. At each qualification level, the artisan learner is expected to know, understand, and transfer his, her skills and knowledge to their work station unaided by any. The learner is constantly evaluated for promotion and or correction. The one being evaluated, is he, she capable of executing the task with competence, yes or no. Hands-on experience is the smarter and better teacher.

All occupants will need to exercise extreme constraint regarding discipline and behavior which includes language, dress, culture, communication, bad mouth, temper, social shame, or non-productive passengers. The above could and will result into punitive action. If serious, justice at our internal presiding magistrate will resolve. Every learner and inhabitant must accept responsibility and the village’s rules as part of their enrolment and establishment contract.

A dismissed learner or employee is immediately suspended for five working days. During this period the employer and or supervisor must show a reason for the dismissal and the dismissed allowed freedom of defence. No attorneys, unions, or agents are allowed, village’s internal court O N L Y. The new applicant learner is placed into a temporary position such as laundry, kitchen, excavating etcetera for 30 days.

During this period the new learner is escorted by an official through all the operations and may attend other lectures during this time. (Confirm with the lecturer.) This look and learn, visiting other operations will often be repeated, also other village inhabitants. This additional lecture attendance also applies to employees and students. The new applicant is carefully evaluated for and or against the requested position parallel to the applicant’s ability during the interview and after.

Every occupant will be amply insured together with legislation similar to the workman’s compensation and liability. Also, other safety and liabilities. Export is an open book and encouraged. Do not hassle our local business, rather negotiate or join them, appoint them as associates or distributors. The village being a shareholder will not directly interfere with the management of a partner other than undue salaries, education, or a failure to produce an adequate ROI.
Your ROI margins are explained fully elsewhere. The village will be the first intensive industrial training college of production in AFRICA offering this many advantages. As also for S. A’s millions of unemployed. All producers and artisan learners will gain intelligent hands-on the progressive standard of education which could develop into a Hi volume exporting venture producing artisans to degree and doctorate. This naturally only if in pursuit of further quality education. Any past or present learner who disgraces the village by any undesirable or unlawful action will be recorded, disgraced, and removed from all correspondence and the internet as ashamed X member and undesirable.

There are thousands of products of very varying description which are imported for many reasons that could be economically produced in S.A. All must enjoy themselves, utilise the facilities available without shortchanging another. Many ills, tangible, and mental are self-inflicted by the mind and thought. Mankind may not become an antique; he must be productive to self and others until cremation. Unmanaged retirement results into premature cremation.

The objective is to train, educate, and discipline a prospective employee and future entrepreneur who will have the knowledge and common sense required to become a standalone after gaining sufficient experience to do so. The village as a contributor together with the workshops and presumably the state assists the artisan learner who must absorb a vast amount of knowledge in a very short time which will only be a stepping stone to his, her future.

Many artisan learners will leave the village into an apprentice position to an employer with further assistance to the majority reaching further education. In many cases, the learners could receive a % deduction with an apprentice contract. The village will constantly be informing the industry of what skills trained persons are leaving, also seeking job opportunities for the learner.

SOUTH AFRICA has a very enormous export disparity, we export human talent, minerals, and many others simply to be re-imported at a much higher cost and loss of internal employment. Why? Are we stooges? Surely not, I think not. Then where is the constructive intelligence or implication. The factory workshops must and will export at a good return are the rational enabling and extending education to partner members and the artisan learner.
The workshops make up a most important component of the village which must operate in a comfortable, relaxed, free atmosphere without threats or demands from any. The state must approve of the complete project as-is. Once a learner has left the village, many may require assistance beyond the village’s reach, similar to most universities. Thoughts and ideas using online education, on other pages. The author is 200% confidant of the project’s success. However, a project of this magnitude and nature will require substantial funding and input from universities, NGOs, welfare departments, investors, and a host of other internal partners. You, the readers are welcome to comment and or suggestions.

South Africa as also the north of us has a very good business potential, but the reader must and will need to get his mind around the thinking of the African politician and business-minded persons. South Africa and the north are waiting to be explored. Soon another will. Africa is a very diverse country, keep your eyes and ears open and you will observe a lot of unconventional opportunities. Education, chemical, engineering, electrical power, gas, AGRICULTURE, transport, water, and many others. To the conservative not looking at an excessive bottom line but a moderate long-term investment without undue exposure will learn and rapidly expand in AFRICA.

The world is open to a vast collection of inexpensive quality which will come from the village. The world’s economy is waiting for a project similar to this village concept of educational production. South Africans and probably many other countries are seeking affordable quality. To maintain or improve the bottom line of gain is who has the most comfortable, intelligently trained workforce at the minimum wastage of hours, salaries, and material as a production ratio, be this collar and tie, dust coats, or overalls. Continuously respect and train every employee.

Never get too greedy and give a thought to the hourly workforce making it possible to generate again. Constantly uplift your staff. No business will survive without a profit. Add your thoughts and ideas or your requirements if interested in joining us. Educate common sense. (Boer maak n’ plan.) The village will explain and teach you how to think out of the box and solve most problems but if not acted upon, nothing will happen or be revolved.
Financial problem solving without stress is difficult for some but very-very attainable to most when they listen and buckle down. You could and will retain and maintain your status without squandering or losing face. South Africa has some of the best medical, engineering, farming, banking, innovation, and other world-renowned and acknowledged persons and businesses. The State is not knowledgeable enough to assist commerce with the many needs of progress, especially the above that is captured by other countries at the expense of South Africa’s unemployed.

The village will comfortably solve part of the above vacuum in time to come. You are very welcome to participate. There are only three evils in the world. GREED—POWER---RELIGION. One, two, or all three. Educating healthy reading, observing, understanding, calculating, and feeding the helpless will soon become a reality avoiding medical and or hospital. The State should / must educate and teach each citizen to care for them-self and their family.

Putting shoulder to the wheel, avoiding hand-outs. The populous, baby to grandfather must be educated in self-education, self-preservation, health, wealth, and sunshine for all. All village occupants must undergo a number of health and safety lessons, classes, this will be ongoing and include first aid, daily health, firefighting, drugs, liquor, obesity, poisons, clothing, exhaustion, electricity, healthy surroundings, weather, swimming, eyes, and ears, as other.

Trades and other workings will attend many additional health & safety classes. A very-very necessary economical Wi-Fi, internet / broadband and or similar nationally should be available to all at very – very much more affordable rates. Telkom together with a partner could or should be in a very good position to roll out country-wide communication technology to all at a more affordable rate. At present, the web designers in S.A. are amongst the greediest businesses.

The village will investigate and learn to overcome this need. You are welcome to join in. South Africa’s electrical generation and water reserves will hopefully soon be resolved alongside health, justice, housing, commuting, and educating. The village is investigating a number of possibilities, including the production of battery accumulators, sun power, power tools, crockery, glass, & more.