Chapter 4

2015 Publication extended


Having compiled this project many years past without implementing, expecting the state or some other to implement such a method of educational simplicity. To date, I have not seen, read, or heard of a similar project, 2015. With this in mind, we will house, feed, and educate many thousands of applicants on a trade skill at minimal cost as a happy future entrepreneur and or employee. The capable, voluntary applicants who are willing and able to abide by the very strict RULES, DISCIPLINE and WILLINGNESS to learn and work are welcome.

The village will cater to adults wishing to qualify for the intelligent industrial, farming, commercial, and construction trade skills amongst many other needed subjects. This proposed village of industrial education will produce a multitude of products during the skills training of which the bigger percentage will be commercialized and a possible maximum quantity for export. Add your thoughts and ideas.

We will now seek advice and assistance from any to implement this project. The project is not intended as an employment project but will enable many-many to become sustainable entrepreneurs together with thousands of skilled, educated employees in a very wide range of trades and other similar positions. We aim to attract a very wide selection of local and foreign investor potentials.

Agricultural is very important and is very misunderstood as an education. The village will operate and maintain a full farming program. Abattoir, pork pens, sprinkler land for sheep and wool, poultry, cattle, fish growing, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, hothouse, greenhouse with many - many tunneling projects and a very decorative parks area. Management. Farming, production, catering, security, learning etcetera, will be various separate divisions and enterprises. An aggregate (Stone crusher) quarry will be very-very necessary on-site.

The village will strive for self-supporting with very little reliance on others, help !. Purifying borehole, river, stream, dam, or lake water will be acceptable. Other questionable water that is treatable will also be considered. Tunneling will produce a large number of soft vegetables and other agricultural as a skills subject. This is also necessary to feed the village’s population. We will also combine 1st world farming methods into a useable learning subject of educating and training many rural farmers.
Money is not the only needs, education, willingness and adventurers, executing an idea or project, cooperation, talking to one another, communication amongst all. It is a fact; rural people think, live and do things very differently. Exposure to the internet together with hope and encouragement will enable these people to create a healthy existence.

Past experience has shown that a learner receives more skills during their first months of hands on coaching production than years of college only. The learner will be able to enter the open skills market. The objective is educating, creating and manufacturing, other offer further tertiary studies. The agricultural and engineering study programs will be aligned to the various S A Q A requirements.

Stumbling hurdles other than money to many entrepreneurs are transport, delivery, textbooks, accommodation, markets, distance, clothing, financial management, language, reading and understanding the reading, also the meanings of the study material. A sample survey of skills shortages from the rural dweller indicates a very small number of entrance due to commercial restraints, the various labor and trade laws and departments together with legislation make it very difficult for a young person without sufficient funds or contacts to ever gain a skill.

(UNTIL NOW.) Most of these learners would never have had an opportunity to ever attend a collage or similar institution now or before at very minimal costs or no costs. Very few S E T A’s are functional to any acceptable standards. Should the “ N Q F “ qualification be better and more quality managed, this should or will remain desirable and a good acceptance.

The village will strive for and offer the best, assuring a future employer that the certificate holder is well worth assessing for a trial period of 3 – 6 or 9 months which could result into an apprenticeship or other contract. Our industrial, commercial, building and farming industries will constantly be advised of the many skilled people leaving the village on completing study.

We are investigating the average needs for and from industry and farmers. Any interested parties who reads this is requested to compile a questionnaire similar to a job vacancy application stating the company’s minim and necessary or desirable qualification requirements regarding their industry.
Any shortcomings to your necessary requirements and needs we will add as guidance and or include as a tuition requirement. Fabrication, production, and or agricultural Industry is very welcome to question or enquire on all the above, no inquisitiveness, please. Constructive inquiries and advice will always be welcome. The village will promise the learner nothing but hard work and success to the willing and enthusiastic capable applicant learner.

These pages are but a preview. There will not be a start or conclusion until the state departments indicate the willingness to co-operate and assist the village by legislation without undue interference or bullying to sub-mission. Remember, section (A) will be monitored but open and welcome to all.

The village will appreciate all and any advice attached to the above, including hot water boilers, incinerators, or other at each hostel and other buildings that can be used as power generators, incinerators, kitchen requirements, especially house-hold and industrial waste. Add any obscure educational advice and other ideas. The village will soonest establish a laboratory for medical, agriculture, industrial, and commerce needs.

This will very soon become very necessary in the future to test and analyses thousands of products for quality and worldwide recognition. Consider the products coming from 1000’s of square meters and more workshop floor space, acres of tunneling, and farmland, together with other agriculture. The commercial aspects have no limits. Consider the village’s population; the laboratory could help develop and assist at an economical cost.

The village would welcome partners to produce and manufacture almost any products for local and especially exports. All sorts of battery production for electric motors and other needing will be developed where possible and or necessary. Other than the above there is the grey, black & drinking water purification plants to be developed and extended regularly.

Circumstances will determine the recovery and storage of rainwater delivered to a substantial reservoir. Then the more conventional, four-floor hostels, two-floor staff and family, three-floor hotel, workshops, laboratory-engineering-medical, farming, animal, abattoir, fish-farming, exotics hothouse, flowerily and entertainment.
The village has devise methods of co-operation from village groups as additional mentors and lecturers each at an alternative and additional subject of quality and passion. These people will each lecture a quality subject such as money matters, hygiene, health, sport, DDD, entrepreneurs, marriage, parenthood, household, childcare, managements, HIV – Aids, arithmetic, and many others.

We will not devote further time to the workshops until a later date due to the incomplete information from employer partner tenants and state departments. Agricultural production will be most important for teaching a larger out of town sector of minimum means reaching a larger spectrum of the rural population. The rural learners will probably be the preferred farmer. The higher one strives to reach the harder and heavier the going will get, never lose hope.

He who aims at nothing will achieve nothing. He who does not know where he is going will never get there or anywhere. Read, read, and more reading. The industry may sponsor a learner as part of their social scorecard without necessarily employing that training learner and or selecting others more capable for their company after graduation for a trial period. The village reports to the sponsored and the sponsor are welcome to enquire or question during learning.

The village is considering engaging with national employment agencies or creating an internal employment agency parallel with countrywide employment agents. You the learner are the only one who can guarantee your-self a working position. It will depend on your stimulus to secure and maintain a job position by expressing and providing excellence in the position of your work. Respect and promotion can only come from you, as you deliver intelligent skilled education and respect.

The village is NOT a charity reliant project; we will, however, welcome any with constructive support, thoughts assistance, and advice. This sentence is unpacked on other pages, how the investor, employers, employees, spouses, learners, and other occupants all form part of an enjoyable and successful project.
The matric or past certificate for standard 10, grade 12, is now also referred to as “NQF “. The NQF is widening to accommodate the many-many differing educational directions. Almost every N Q F study subject is a collection of subjects into a more specialist direction and could be added or changing of study direction. An extract of the S A Q A’s N Q F designation is shown below. ( 2015 )

Please confirm with S A Q A as this has veering descriptions, meanings and has changed over the years. N Q F LEVELS.

1 Grade 9 (level 1)
2 Grade 10 and National ( vocational ) Certificate level 2
3 Grade 11 and National ( vocational ) Certificate level 3
4 Grade 12 ( National Senior Certificate ) National level 4
5 Higher Certificate and Advanced National Certificate. (vocational)
6 National Diploma and Advanced certificate.
7 Bachelor’s degree. Advanced Diploma and B-tech
8 Honor’s degree. Post Graduate Diploma and Professional Qualification
9 Master’s degree.
10 Doctorate degree.

The village will concentrate on the trades / technical and engineering qualifications, college diplomas, and engineering development enabling one to reach a degree if in pursuit after leaving the village. The village will explain and encourage all how to uplift themselves and reach an N Q F level or the necessary to achieve a degree. The author is not a politician, professor, or bank balance. But have many years of life experience. The balance of the approximately 40 relevant chapters will be inserted as interest is generated.

South Africa together with other world-wide investors has more than enough funds, talent, and knowledge to develop and expand on a very wide array of local talent, producing goods and products for self and export into Africa and worldwide minimizing unemployment by reducing imports to more exports.
We must be ready and prepared to fill the very many unusual opportunities arising, subjects such as robotic and electronic programming. The intelligent labor necessary for our industry is very limited. Others and the majority are led by their noses from salesmen and politicians to labor unions. Income generated from the homeless to the million a month is very misleading, divided, and mistrusted.

All or most are aware of the difficulties and shortfalls for access to affordable transport, justice, medical, reasonable housing, food, but most of all school grades with quality competent outcomes. It is no secret; our industrialists, financiers, and foreigners are very-very reluctant or won’t invest in South Africa until the state comes down to ground level and abandons the many obsessions and economic restraints holding the country and citizens back from the freedom of employment and enjoyment for a fruitful life.

Unemployment causing an empty stomach is a very unpredictable commodity extending mistrust, discomfort, and miss informed causing bad thoughts and devious acts. The public, financiers, industrialists, commerce, employers, and employees together with the many unemployed require stability and communication together with certainty and assurances for tomorrow, not frustrations, meetings, or conferences with no results but empty words and promises without implementation or outcomes.

The author and village will further develop and foster the program identifying and resolving the necessary, also your questions. Other than correspondence or attending any positive meeting to explain and or answer questions, the project will not further progress without the blessings and documented acceptance from the municipality, provincial, and State.

At this stage the project is self-financed, therefor no travel or accommodation expenses could warrant ignorance, inquisitiveness, or similar attendance. This will be followed by consulting and discussions with the potential executive financials and workshop / factory partners. Donations and contributions of whatever description, funds, time, and talent will always be very-very welcome.
Preliminary contributions will be used as expressed to foster, unpack and explain the project until a committee is established. As before, the author is inviting any with the time and talent to question and or advise on the project. Constructive, please. Time and tide wait for no man, when opportunity knocks you must act or lose out.

During and after the construction of the first and necessary buildings, no contractors or sub-contractors will recruit or hire workers on site what so-ever. All further activities and buildings will result into the same. No non-authorized persons may stray or wander around the site. The village will consult with the surrounding municipalities and the community.

The Department of trade and industry. Department of Higher Education and Training together with numerous other departments and municipalities as also others have received chapters 1 to 4 in the 2015 version. Thank you.

Due to prevailing South Africa’s changing circumstances we will re-send the project as above adding further chapters and also to many other potential employers, landowners, and as a reminder to industry and educators. ALL CHAPTERS ARE UPDATED FORWARD. Your interest and input are very welcome.