Chapter 5

2015 Publication extended


Confidence, Independence, discipline, responsibility, this, and similar are only attainable by those who were schooled and taught from a young age what this means. The old saying. “Give a man a fishing rod so he may feed himself “. This saying holds no water if the man is not taught what a fishing rod is and how to succeed with fishing or any other task. Every occupant will be lectured and taught the definition of respect, discipline, self-independence, business, and entrepreneurship.

Be alert, take ownership of yourself rather than hope, and wait for another to do so for you. Discipline will be the order of the day. This applies to all, babies to the oldest, junior to the most senior including students and trainee learners. DISCIPLINE is not a punishment; this is disciplined education, respect, and common sense. Regular meetings are held for the benefit of all occupants and businesses to address their progress, needs, and concerns affecting the village in general.

Any occupant may request a hearing to discuss the above and come up with ideas, especially innovative methods and other progress. These meetings are used to discuss any disorder, manpower, education, and skills transfer together with or about the chairman’s report and relaxing entertainment. Because the village is so serious about welfare, satisfaction, education, enjoyment, discipline, R O I, and export, there will be “post boxes” placed throughout the village for any to agree or disagree by means of a note, letter, picture, tape recording, photo, chip or any other means to voice his / her satisfaction, dissatisfaction or thoughts on any subject.

The junior, senior, or visitor could express a situation of thanks or complaint; others could expose a bully or dishonesty, close or distant, work, home, or play. The medical department will work very closely with the social workers to follow up and identify any concerns of unhappiness and probe the above for a solution. Simply said, you will not drop your wrapping, paper, plastic, or any other unwanted in the street or paving, no cigarettes or other droppings, use the waste bins. Disobedience is dealt with promptly and could result into punitive action.

Depending on circumstances, age, reason, and finding, harsh punishment will remain a reality, or the offender could be fined or a multitude of community duties in their free time. Remember, the village’s main objective is to educate, lecture, train, teach satisfaction, produce and export for gain, developing a happy educated skilled citizen to swell the ranks of commerce and industry to prosperity together with skills, mentoring, discipline, and exporting.
Each applicant is a free citizen. Each must enjoy the village as a free-thinking volunteer. You must continually uplift yourself and your surroundings as a lifelong journey. Mentoring will remain a very necessary and essential needed subject. What is discipline? Simply said; common sense, respect and welfare. Avoid conflict causing disputes and CONSEQUENCES.

Should any village member be a D.D.D slave, they are counselled. Counselling is abruptly stopped if no results are envisaged and the offender is disciplined, reassigned or sent packing with his / her invoice and account. Unplanned pregnancies by learners or students are condemned as consented ignorance’s or unwillingly which is seriously dealt with as rape. Unwilling or pressured sex is a criminal offence and offenders are jailed. The magistrate and welfare department will become involved and pronounce consequences.

Although the village will explain and educate all the positives and hurdles to the wanting entrepreneur, this is not what all want. There are risks, challenging disciplines, long hours and a number of sleepless nights. All this depends on the perspective, is he, she capable, how to exploit, learn and study constructively, you now have an opportunity very few other will ever have, don’t waste precious time. Maths, management, science, English, Afrikaans, human behaviour and a very good understanding of bookkeeping is essential.

Work to learn, not for money, the money will eventually come without effort. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your stay at the village, this must be discussed and effectually resolved. The larger majority of South Africans have never been tutored in the mindset method of achieving. Many tutors and mentors do not know-how. Tutoring, mentoring, lecturing and educators are all different and intended for varying or particular reasons.

Every village member must and will feel wanted and appreciated, baby to management. Because the living and working conditions will be in a close environment, all will eventually know one another; it will be essential to maintain a measure of harmony and privacy. It is natural to expect various languages, cultures, ages, sports and hobbies to form various groups. Cultural discipline will be exercised at all times.

The cultural difference will be with us for many many years. Discipline does not mean one may not enjoy life; every villager will receive respect and must enjoy them-self to the hilt. Shine, smile, and enjoy yourself. Avoid grumpiness. Laughing, grinning and smiling are good humour and good health. What is meant by hard work, hard work means you must work constructively; think off more comfortable way or how to manage your work without stress. Think constructively at work, home and play.
There is no need to throw a tantrum, always remain calm and in control resulting into a stress-free self and community without offensiveness. Every inhabitant will regularly be medically examined for the most common disorders. Other than the blood donors all will avail themselves for a blood sample which will be examined and recorded for D N A. and miner disorders.

The village will endeavour to assure all a safe, happy, pleasurable, and healthy stay at the village. Each will be tutored and lectured on how a healthy mind and body will serve you for many many years if this is not misused or abused. Unfortunately, the majority younger generation was never tutored in the perseveration of healthy living. Healthy living and learning / education is becoming more acceptable and known, however, is not practised by the majority. All work and no play, “makes Johnny a bad boy”. Organise yourself and others into relaxing pastime events.

The sport will be expanded as time and funds become available. DISCIPLINE; Think of the daddy lion during feasting, the daddy lion will eat and the young or cubs or others will be swiped at if they try to eat before the “king” is satisfied. Mentorship means different things to different people, depending on your past circumstances during growing up, the presence or lacking of parents, close family, friends, and colleagues will or have to affect your life. Orphans, homeless, rejected, minimal education without an affectionate mentor will also affect you all your life, hence the many after hour social programs.

The author is very sympathetic to the unfortunate and will endeavour to accommodate many in this sector with sympathy provided they are very willing and capable of handling the pressure expected. Having said this, each and every learner together with other occupants must enjoy a stress-free stay at the village. Every occupant must be very proud of being a member of the village together with the village.

There will be a selection of learners and other working differing hours associated with different positions such as catering, security, and other essential services. Animals, birds, and other needing to be fed, milked or attended to, these do not have weekends or holidays off or willingly go thirsty and hungry. The artisan Learner and or student who falls behind is interviewed for a remedy and assisted or reassigned. Discipline remains respect and tolerance. The village expects 100% full co-operation from all and every resident, every contract having left the village must remember and cherish their stay at the village as a most pleasurable memory of their past.

Discipline is not a punishment, but education. Management and village do not need unnecessary and unwarranted or other expressed threats or remarks that will cause stress. The village requires harmony, cooperation, and a stress-free certainty of occupation and condoned by parliament and others. Stress is more prevalent as an unseen and unknown problem waiting to burst out of control.
The village will have personnel attached to the medical centre to cater for the above. Mentoring to all ages is necessary in obscure ways to help. This will be used to help the employer, employee, student, learner, instructor and lecturers to ease his and her successfulness. Discipline, education and skills training remain the prosperity of any person and country provided the state provides for and encourages that education. Please remember.

There is NO such a thing as a free ride! EVER! Smoking will be very limited and discouraged. Liquor abuse is a serious offence. Abuse to persons, property or intellectual property will be seriously dealt with. Every religion will be respected, but village management will not provide. This will be discussed at the top management level with all / any, but there will not be special conditions for one above another.

There are yet very loud rumblings amongst school and university students about all sorts of demands, probably wanting and or demanding. Schooling and university attendance in South Africa will need to be very-very drastically addressed and revamped. The village is investigating the above so as to avoid any hurdles, stricter consequences for offenders and deserters. Applicant trainee learners will not be home providers or family financial supporters.

The village will not accept a home provider; this will be investigated and resolved. The artisan learner and others will be away from home for a year with NO breaks in-between. No baby is born a warrior or racist. Racism is created by history, parents, bullies and ones needing to deflect blame and attract fame. Trade subjects are reasonably well under control in South Africa but will also require pushing and pulling in many areas and department.

Many S E T A’s are a very big problem and could be by-passed altogether; there is no discipline or work ethics or consequences at the S E T A’s office. The majority of the village’s educated learners will receive preference for work over many other institutions regardless of us by-passing dysfunctional S E T A’s. The village will always be looking for new and inventive gadgets, ideas and are prepared to expand or experiment on the many thoughts and ideas.

Legislation should expect every business manager to discipline and have reached a minimum knowledge of education for his/her particular business. A doctor, chemist or engineer may not prescribe or issue medicine or speciation’s without a corresponding qualification, others should do the same. The above sentence means every person who applies for a trading licence MUST have acquired a minim qualification in that business field. One must pass a test before a driver’s licence is issued and checked every few years.
Discipline and understanding the difference between trust, respect, honour, authority, anger, revolt, obsession, and many other is largely caused by the lack of sufficient discipline, non-presence of authority and minim mentorship from parents with the necessary talent or non-presence at home. It is never too late to learn, be it self-taught, education or self-value, loving care, attention, and being wanted is a very-very necessary aspect of the young and long after.

Later life should not carry a grudge or an unbalanced obsession, especially revenge. Revenge yourself by improving yourself and others lives and circumstances with education and caring for the family, friends, and community. Life can and should be beautiful. We will help. All must understand what a business and or household budget is. No village inhabitants other than the C E O will tweet, SMS, Facebook Email, or similar means transmit any village personal or internal business. Such persons will face a disciplinary hearing with applicable consequences.

The human brain is yet the most fanatic lesser-known organ mankind has ever had to deal with. (The body does not have a battery or pump on its back.) Over the past few decades, the majority of South Africans have been exposed to indoctrination for greed and power. This is yet on-going. Hope, goodwill and glory are on the far horizon for all, failing which the country will go to the hogs. This project is but a very small starting point offering hope and success.

South Africa is a land of plenty, all must share in the same sunshine. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor, will not help the poor! When the poor know-how and what is necessary to become more successful and follow through with a constructive program such as village educated and parents to avoid the many-many thousands of 12 / 14-year-old mothers.

Ensuring all the 6-year olds continue attending school managed by competent stress-free staff with the resources to instill an intelligent free-thinking voting citizen with the realities of life and how to manage and enjoy a full healthy and constructive working and playing family life. The village will attempt to progressively educate and mentor all into a free-thinking happy society of self-sustainability.

The sooner all South Africa invests in its people and self-production, the sooner we will all gain. Education, production, and exporting, made in S.A. Protesting and burning will only develop into discontent. Pester your local councilors until they listen to your needs of municipal responsibilities, health, and education. Education without experience is not acceptable, education without continuous practical or regularly updating is also a no-no.
South Africa has an abundance of talent and funds. We could progress without non-productive MONEY such as stockbrokers, excessive telecommunication costs, expensive website designers and use of greedy advocates and attorneys, devious accountants, expensive or no medical attendance, and overpaid state and municipal officials including unions. South Africa requires affordable schooling, hospitals, justice, excellence leading to self-sustainability, and very many more processed exports reducing and replacing imports, increasing employment.

Self-sustainability means, you do or should know and understand life-skills with the corresponding health requirements and common sense. The village will help. Very few understand the money markets or our countries economy and tax distribution, even less, a business or household financial budget. Why do the country's state, Provincial, and Municipalities not exercise the existing rules and regulations that are and have been in place for many-many years governing managements, competence, consequences, and appropriate legal actions? One cannot manage what is not measurable.

The municipal manager is employed to avoid breakdowns in the city and or any other job position. Municipalities have or should have various departments with suitably qualified and educated staff to execute a given task and must regularly report to a higher authority such as the municipal management committee. For example, the town planning department advises the management board on future development needs many-many years ahead so as to avoid mishaps.

He who does not plan ahead is planning to remain behind. This is very reverent to home, business or your work, plan ahead, stay ahead, and remain ahead. Constantly read and remain abreast of your needs and responsibilities. The village and inhabitants must be very aware of the very wide gap between the different cultures, religion, languages, tribal, colour, and countries. The village will be very clear on each and every discipline and rules with no maybe’s or misunderstandings.

The village’s expression would be more explicative if the State had a page to consult and understand, avoiding each minister broadcasting a different message or explanation. The investor will not tolerate any misunderstanding or bullying. Although the village will endeavour to accommodate a reasonable percentage of learners from the disadvantaged without a good school background, we could not accept ones with limited or no potential outcomes. This would be very unfair to the awaiting able and willing learner who will need to sacrifice much more time and hours to his / her lessons and practical with discipline and diligent responsibility to self and village.
The village will definitely not issue a competence certificate to any underperformer. The village will be running on a shoestring budget and the investor will sooner or later want his / her pound of flesh, no matter whom. A potential employer and or donators must believe and trust the village certificate as an original honourable document of trustworthiness as to its educational quality.

The village has devised a method of identification of the person who produces a village certificate. Explained elsewhere. We will conduct business with almost any business, society, political party, university, colleague, country, or any other person/s. NGO. State departments, local and foreign across Africa and the world. Let’s hear your comments.

At a later date on receiving returns from State departments, yourself, and other readers, the village will share progresses with all readers as we develop. Discipline has become a vulgar word to so many, it is no wonder the employer has moved to greener pastures. However, industry and commerce should look closer to the employee. Working conditions and surroundings of the past are no longer sufficient.

The State, architect, engineering, commerce, and medical should look closer to the working, living, and playing conditions of the children and employee, this could and should be expanded into a more pleasant atmosphere. The botanical gardens, lawns, blue skies, comfortable open spaces of enjoyment must return, school, home, and work. Mankind must also spare more consideration to the animal world.

Mankind and science interference should look closer to the animal kingdom's self-preservation, avoiding illness and diseases aggravated by man. Mankind should separate and or study the ills of human’s genetics inter-marriage, such as the mule. Eventually, this will become a pre-marriage condition. The misuse and invasion of animal’s habitats and enclosers for the human’s satisfaction must receive more hygienic attention. ( Hiv / aids. Ebola. Rape, inter-marriage.)