Chapter 6

2015 Publication extended

Business Principles

The more you read learn and study, the more you understand and prosper. The village is NOT a charity organisation; we must progress to self-sustainable. The village is very open-minded. We look into every proposal received. The objective is to teach, educate, and train a physically and theoretically hands-on educational production trade, time has shown this method of training is far superior to most learning and training.

The state’s contribution could be no more than it would allocate elsewhere to perform any state responsibility such as school, library, clinic, etc. Or nothing. No donation is turned down, especially if this comes in the form of material, information, education, technical, health, discipline, or assistance from universities, industrial, partner manufacturers, designing’s, and funding.

Every workshop and employer partner must show a healthy return. This is discussed further on other pages. The village’s partner employers operate individually on their own accounts. Other ideas and developments are under research for a later date and you are welcome to express any ideas. No business will survive without a healthy return. Many successful businesses are criticised for showing a profit. One could not satisfy all thinking.

The village’s factory workshops will produce a variety of products and all assist one another via the village management. The village management together with all the partners will have the collective talent to prosper. Our laboratory will continually develop and experiment, advancing the medical and industrial disorders before the subject or person develops a disorder. Also, alongside, the clinic will add to the dailies, developing and improving the industrial and medical needs. The laboratories function is medical & industrial.

The H R department will develop into a very necessary secure requirement for the village’s administration, research, and recordings. This department will involve many activities, personal department, advertising, sales, procurements; past and future development projects, future employer industries, and a very acute purchasing as also establishing direct suppliers. No partner will be pushed to record any so-called sensitive information with this department but will soon realise the advantages of sharing data and ideas developing the newest and most advanced robotic and digital advances.
The industrial learner and farmer learners are accepted on a diminished right principal, this means, non-union member, no go-slows, strikes, or disturbance. Although the artisan learner is accepted on a short-term contract, they remain learners. Workman’s compensation together with the necessary which includes humanity, respect, health, and safety will and must be available to all. NO learner’s job or position is guaranteed. Benefits come in the form of a contribution to all the learners, not as employees.

The learner purchases the necessary for hygiene, pleasure, and replacements. All learners must study a minim afternoons-evenings per week on the appropriate study plan to achieve the necessary progressive quality assessment on an S.A.Q.An assessment and better. ( R P L ) (N Q F ) The workshop factories have lecturing facilities on-site for study needs. The village compiles and assists workshop management with on-site, during, and after-hour learning and lecture programs for all education. The objective is to teach, educate, and discipline a profit-orientated working person leaving the institution as a very happy educated past village member.

The trade subjects are not attached to a yearend assessment, assessments are exercised throughout the year. Learners are enrolled for veering lengths of time in accordance with the requested subject, educational level, and welfare officers. The shorter subjects are offered and reserved for the shorter enrolled persons. Most have the ability to learn and prosper as they get the opportunity, why, when, where, who, how. No matter who, they will leave with a brighter future outlook.

We will cater for those who do not have the means but MUST have the drive, enthusiasm and the ability to read, write & understand the text and handle the material, tools, and or equipment. The enrolled could have previous experience in the subject they enroll for. Age also adds to the experience. A new entrant wishing to learn and become a trade’s person starts at the bottom. A new entrant will more often be given the labour and lesser important or nuance tasks to do; Do this with enthusiasm, learn, read, and understand the work and textbooks.

Only you can foster your future. Sweep the floor, dig trenches, know-how, when, where, why, so you may later understand the methods of manufacture, accounting, sales, costing, management, even when you think you know it all, read the applicable books and magazines, especially if you are thinking of operating your own business or management.
Be a people’s person, greet, smile and enjoy the village. Exploit opportunity. The tradesman usually starts off as an assistant to the artisan. The artisan is one who is an active tradesman/woman at some or other trade. Although the journeyman, a qualified person you work and learn from may be a good artisan, it is up to you to learn and understand the theory and practical as to what happens and why.

To reach management level or your own business is not enough to only know or do the necessary. Do all the above and more. Smile, laugh, be pleasant and enjoy life. The village will train, educate and teach a regular number of interested occupant’s additional subjects such as management, first aid, fire fighters, security, water, power, financials, socials, art, emergencies and many other unusual subjects regularly.

First aid and other volunteering subjects not associated with normal daily work will be taught as additional subjects outside your study or working time. All are encouraged to study further, especially the technical and theoretically minded is a must together with enterprising management and financials, the practical is a natural expected. Notwithstanding the above, our partners are assisted and must show an above average return, their return should be above average on a continuous and sustainable basis.

The village is dependent on the partners achieving a harmonious relationship with the village and other happy and satisfied occupants to the benefit of all. The first manufacturing operations will be the more popular demanding and prospers enterprising until we are able to attract the less profitable yet very important and necessary sections of commerce. The shorter enrolments are offered most of the above as a stepping stone towards a future vocation or they could comply with one of the non -SETA operations.

Unfortunately, a completed learner’s contract may NOT stay on in the village or reapply. Very short-term operations, hairdressing, nail bar, needle work, repairs, cook, baby sitters, hygiene, honey bees, bakery, first entry farming, among other are welcome but must study more diligently to achieve a worthwhile internal certificate. This selection of questionable entrants is discussed further on.

NO CERTIFICATE is issued without the corresponding competence. The objective is the South African Qualifications Authority. A learner leaving the village with gaps in their certificates are encouraged to complete same at a future employer, home or evening studies from most universities before attempting a self- business.
At a future date the village will have devised an on-line further education and study program. The village will be compatible to the best universities of technology. Many learners will leave the village with a qualification and a position with an employer. This will be an ongoing subject with the department of labour. Every artisan learner as every employee is constantly and regularly evaluated for promotion and or correction as also recording for RPL and or a future employer which will be a points system for the person at each activity or position, employer, employee, spouse, learner and student.

Our manufacturers will enjoy many advantages but must be willing and able to abide by the strict guide lines as set out by the village. Skills trained. What is meant by skills trained? A grade twelve student who passes grade 12 with six subjects all at eighty percent or above, is that student skilled with or without maths and science, the attorney, auditor, engineer, and other. The farmer who excels with cattle may not excel with vegetables.

The doctor who excels in the mental field may not be interested in one’s bones. The learner must choose very carefully what subjects they select as a skill. The manufacturer will naturally consecrate on their product development. Learning will be tasked in accordance with and in compliance to the S A Q A standard. Village employer will have a questioner for the applicant to complete in personal hand prior an interview for a position.

This will be necessary, not as a deterrent but to determent a comfortable position and recording. The village would appreciate a copy of such an employer’s questioner, junior and senior. Most of the above writing is based on the village’s management, construction, commerce and farming. Remember, the partner manufacturers will be very much more & different to the building or other departments with a multitude of veering trades and products.

Glass, engineering, plastic, wood, ceramic. It is possible the foreign partners may not have an accredited training program in place, in which case we will assist compiling the necessary. Moneys generated by the villages executive and or donations go back into advancing commerce and industries by expanding, educating, developing and experimenting. We will soonest collaborate with industry to prototype and perfect an idea to a saleable status for the benefit of all. Commerce and industry of tomorrow is developing into a very much different atmosphere and technology than our parents would remember.
All will be encouraged to think out of the box. A laboratory for advancing engineering, chemical, medical, electronics, animals, agriculture and construction will be an ongoing necessary. The village will be very automation orienteered; we must educate our learning towards the future. The world is facing a very-very drastic survival period. The farming division feeding our inhabitants will need special attention.

Farming is so diverse; the learning will require more attention than most would think, this due to the diverse selection and rural conditions, traditions, language, history, previous habits etc. Farming, like any other learning must be educated to a sustainable and profit-oriented operation and the learners must learn how the world’s money rotates. The future employer and employees will constantly be enlightened and mentored.

Work smarter not harder and achieve a greater reward. Mind setting. Should the need arise at a later date to assist the passed-out learner with further inquiries the village will consider a parallel department of external education alongside internal education. The objective is educating our village occupants. At present, the cost of internet is forbidding. The village will investigate and implement.

External assistance to past learners will be considered at a later date after the village is running smoothly. A possible spouse enterprise. The village has NO intention of encroaching on any of the countries’ tertiary instructions of education, we will however engage with any who are willing to assist the village to achieve artisan and farming success with our future vision from local and foreign.

A successful partner, a very successful partner is necessary to keep the village going successfully. The village will never be bullied into a lopsided contract with any. Every one of the above must feel free, happy and jubilant, feeling wanted and needed with positive thoughts for self and others. YOU must enjoy your stay at the village together with all and any obligations.

ENJOY yourself. Life is shorter than you think. There will probably be many complaints, grievances and solutions. Post boxes will be scattered around the village to collect any complaints, notes. We will formulate and foster harmony together with your thoughts. Deposit your letter, note or other for the village to foster satisfaction and or resolve any dissatisfaction.
South African and the foreign investors have adequate funds and talent to establish this project, but they are very reluctant due to the political rumblings and uncertainty. We will accumulate and seek export connections and the village will soon attract a very unusual selection of products to investigate and manufacturer. As on other pages this project is very unusual and foreign to the average reader.

There are a number of State departments that will have to think and agree or resolve a number of necessaries to satisfy the village and partners. The village will soonest draw up a constitution for the village, avoiding any future disputes or misunderstanding the purpose of the village. All thinking is welcome. The latest methods of purifying water, household and industrial, also smoke from industrial chimneys.

The newest in wind, sun and hydro power generating. Don’t forget the agriculture industry as well as the laboratory aspects. Other than the manufacturers there are many side-line off-springs. The farming learner could be absorbed by one of the many municipalities and or sports grounds as a grounds man, parks and pavements management.

The manufacturer will have similar spinoffs and any learner that drags his feet will be investigated, transferred or replaced without any complaints after a full investigation. Every workshop must generate a return free of interference from any. Your risks will be fewer than the average. Mrs & Mr spouse, this project will offer fantastic opportunities, especially for those with their creative thoughts and ideas.

The everyday necessaries are not forgotten. The demand and feasibility of the project and future prospects as envisaged that a number of spouses will use the opportunity to exercise a talent or create a niche in the market utilising our workshops and products. The village will ranch a collection of cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, poultry, birds and fish growing, producing wool and skins amongst many other opportunities.

This section will be assisted with start-up in smaller unites which could be expanded as the demand for their product increases or is an asset to the village at a temporary minimal cost. Again! Add your thoughts. Please remember, although the project is very well thought through, additional ideas will always be needed and welcome.
At present the floor area per module is designed at 2500 M2, width of 25 metre by 100 metre in lengths and 7 to 8m walls. Mezzanine are and could be installed where and when necessary or your request / designer / architect. There will always be leaders and losers. Look ahead, think ahead be ahead. The village will accommodate almost any dual research development, experimental and or similar state / private enterprise to exercise a constructive program of interest.

During the early days the village will have very limited funds to finance such private or personal undertakings. We welcome your requests and ideas. The project will be very foreign to most; we will compile a very wide selection of statistics for many years. This project will attract a worldwide interest and inquisitiveness. Please. No spongers or plunderers.

Extending the intelligence research and development of existing and new ideas and products for the market will be ongoing together with extending education and production space as and when necessary together with the employer. The village will develop and build your ideas for you or us. Come help us or yourself to build computers and similar electronic devices and communications together with the many-many other unthinkable and reckless thoughts and ideas.

Developing and producing the electronic devices and components together with cyber-smart Nano technology. Consider amongst other, the machinery, chemical, medical, food, clothing, animal and or your thoughts. Alternative power, sun, wind, hydro. Inverters for 220v. 380 three phases. The village will require a very substantial amperage to satisfy the many employers and the villages power needs.

On receiving answers from the department of trade and industries, the department of higher education and training, the Provinces together with the many other we will have a better idea of their interest. As on other pages, there are all sorts of political and other loud rumblings which include corruption and criminal activities which will be dissolved within a few years and the village will not be part of.

The village will and must be a safe haven for all inhabitants and investors. South Africa is going through its growing up years and soon to reach maturity and will thrive on our forward thinking. The teacher, lecturer, educator and the other must think ahead and help the future student and learners of our changing world on financing, health, relaxing, education, respect, entertainment and a host of other needs and wants.
The world is reaching saturation, over population, greed, obsession, power, disrespect and waste. More tolerance and respect for the world will require much more cooperation, planning and thinking of new ways. Constructive forward thinking will be necessary. The village will help. The world is already exploring the heavens and oceans depths as an expansion for the future population.

The oceans creatures are at risk due to man’s greed and waste floating or sinking to the oceans floor. The heavens will soon need traffic officers or traffic lights to manage the debris and many other obstacles. As a future trend the village is very-very interested in any or possible old or new developments in education, machinery, tools, instruments, medical, electronic, vegetation, animal, bird and fish or any of your thoughts on a possible need or development.

Higher academic education will be limited to internal experimental and development of science, medical, biology, mechanical and many others as time and needs expand. The village together with partners will constantly be creating videos, films, reports, books for education and recognition as an intelligent development and instruction institution of very various future needs and satisfaction. Africa should be very-very aware of DUMPING from other parts of the world, dumping limits internal production and a very-very large cause of local manufacturer’s inability to compete.

The above is also caused by under-education from as far back as mother and nursery school, now our workforce is lagging very far behind in almost every industrial, mechanical, construction, farming, medical and a number of other directions. Having said this, there is a large amount of special industrial developments growing together and many above world standards. This will not help the average working and definitely not the lesser educated.

Africa must educate its population to manufacture below world rates and the finished article must satisfy the customers quality and needs. We will follow the world’s newest needs, fashions and wants with the most exciting commodities coming from YOU and us. WE CAN-YOU CAN. MADE IN AFRICA. and or MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA. SOUTH AFRICAN QUALITY. The village will show you HOW.