Chapter 7

2015 Publication extended

Village Business Plan

The creation of the village is to establish a learning institution of education for non-university young men and women gaining a useful skill and better employment. The village will invite and recruit a number of local and foreign investors and industrial manufacturers to the village for the production of almost any product resulting into a good return, emphasizing a larger export potential.

The learner will be fully trained under the guidance of qualified instructors in the various industries as they establish in the village for this purpose. The trainee’s will be exactly that, learners to be trained in the workshop factories and farming for periods of 6 to 36 months. An example of what could happen. A workshop or factory could be established as a satellite or major business in the village with the express purpose of specially educating, training and selecting the better performing for the mother business as the better educated entry employees at a very economical costing for an intelligent work force.

Industry is welcome to consider and liaison or suggest. Commercial education skills are tax rewarding towards the “skills” score card. At present the employers are very reluctant to employ any uncertainty due to the hassle and extravagant costs of disciplining and or dismissing unproductive employee, especially employees who shun work and hide behind legislation and this is defiantly a contributing factor to the enormous unemployment and the village will not accommodate any who shun work and or learning.

The village is compiling a learner employment agreement as a temporary employee for a 3 to 9-month contract with a new employer, no demands and may be canceled without any court hearings or other labor interventions. This is further discussed on other pages. The village, South Africa and worldwide knowledgeable investors and employers will collaborate and the village will seek and find the appropriated persons to accomplish and foster this project together with you and your input.

At present a hostel design equals 5700 m2 over 4 floors accommodating +- 600 beds, ablutions, kitchen, dining hall and recreation. The standard workshops floor space of 2500 square meters. Could be extended to any requirements, or divided.
Permanent partners and personal housing will be on site. Schooling, law, daily supplies, medical, entertainment and administration are all within the village. The village, partners and investors will finance the complete program. State intervention and contribution will be determinate during discussions. The village’s construction program starts off with the very necessary continuing expanding with the more essential buildings and services.

The village will attract a very diverse selection of manufacturers, machinery, consumables, trinkets, pots and pans, mostly for export. Although subjects like mathematics, science, book keeping, management and similar are part of the education, the purpose is to understand the learning subjects, not as an academic or profession subject. The building program is managed internally by the village’s construction department.

The village and partners operate a transport and export department for the entire village. No private vehicles are allowed in the village. All private vehicles are parked in a secure parking pool at the entrance. Walk or cycle. We will soonest develop and produce a motorized cycle and or similar. Workshops and factory management may operate a mine bus or similar.

The village’s H R together with each enterprise will maintain a comprehensive internet marketing and sales program for enticing local sales and exports. The village workshops and manufacturers are encouraged to compete strongly with any imports. The more exports the better. Your products will be superior. Think of supplying the local importers and distributors who soon becomes your local area distributor.

The village executive management its-self will not accumulate a financial surplus in the near future due to the continuing expansion; the financial figures are expressed as a startup and not as completion. The project will probably expand and not reach completion, changes for the better will occur all the time. This is discussed elsewhere and or in person with the executive.

The village will be seeking local and especially foreign manufactures for this interference free industrial hub of educational manufacturing excellence, there is almost no company, persons or country we will not invite to participate. No un-necessary interference of any description, no strikes, go slow, entitlement or demands from the employer, employee or learner.
The employer must show a sustainable return enabling the village to accomplish and develop a better to very good exciting and willing artisan learner to fill the many employment positions. Only very willing and eager employees and artisan learners may apply. The village could not accept any demands beyond the expressed education of hands-on offered.

The village will be an institution of sustainable education, learning and a rewarding return for all the inhabitants. A sustainable ROI within the most exciting, comfortable and pleasurable surroundings offered and sort from all. Employees and skills learners wishing to withdraw are allowed to do so in accordance with their contract or within the first 45 days. (Add your views.)

At present we are not in a position to discuss partnership contracts due to incomplete partner information. You’re welcome to voice or recommend. The objective of the above is multi purposed. South Africa requires many of our quality manufactured products to boost the integrity of made in South Africa. South Africa offers many opportunities for exports into Africa and worldwide. Due to the proximity of the differing producers all will learn from one another.

Profit is a natural must expected from every enterprise, the village will and must be pleasurably, profitable together with education, wellness and skills keeping a good balance. As described on other pages the village will and must be detached from unnecessary interference, disorder or obsessions from any. The village will strive to be self-supporting with water, power, food and internally supporting one another. Workshop factories and households waste disposal will be an ongoing program and all are invited to suggest and or a proposal.

The business plan is spread out over the various chapters. Each employer will conclude a contract with the village. Shortly said, each employer business will hire X square meters of yard, workshop factory floor space, services, workshop manpower and accommodation. Tariffs and other conditions will comply with the contract. Refer to other pages. Should a contemplating manufacturer read this proposed project with interest they are welcome to inquire on establishing a production manufacturing concern? (Soonest a site is identified.)
Educating for the future automation will and must receive special attention, especially IT and electronical NANO development advances. The foreign and ex-South African investor employer will be accommodated with encouraging emphasis on the newest and most advanced ideas for exports. Limited accommodation, security and services will be in place before trainee learner arrival and factory production commences.

The department of immigration will very clearly indicate all the pros and cons attached to each person requesting information on entry to South Africa. The village will support the immigrating employer, employee and supervisor. The village has no interest in the abundant of stock brokers, attorneys, unions, or advocates, each manufacturer works independently together with prevailing company rules.

The partnering manufacturers will establish a new South African company for this purpose. The village will soonest house an accounting, legal, financial, health and engineering department together with the laboratory and our partners. A medical clinic of excellence will be developed for the village, extending to a fully-fledged hospital. The reader will soon realize that there are a number of small to big businesses, each with a different agenda. The village will manage all in the same manner.

ALL MUST AND WILL PROSPER. Every internal business will be assisted in every way possible but the village is not a bank or financial bailout institution. Rumination is capped at a minimum and maximum for all inhabitants and C E O.

All applicants, including the under grade 12 applicants will be evaluated for a position best suited. The grade 9-11 groups may enquire about any NQF subject. Most of the grade 9-11 learners will be allocated to the village’s building, farming, assistants, fish growing, domestic, kitchen, abattoir and other for an equivalent N Q F status or a village certificate of accomplishment.

The village will together with the employer generate a gain enabling a minimum cost to the learner’s welfare, education and accommodation. The employer must satisfy his shareholders, self and the village for existence. We have devised a program for approval from the department of labor enabling a leaving learner to engage with an employer for 3 to 9 months trial period as a pre-apprentice with minimal constraints for learner and employer.
The learner will probably start off with an apprentice wage. The more important difference, the learner will be a non-contributor (union) member, no work – no privileges, regardless and may be summary dismissed for any breach of contract or noncompliance. No labor court or union interventions. After this 3 to 9-month period the learner and the employer are completely free to “Part Company” In short, any contract will have expired.

Should both learner and employer agree to any further employment they will follow the normal employees or other contract requirements !. The learner and employer will submit a report to the village during and after contract. This request is merely for statistical purposes with no involvement. The National Development Plan. The Presidency. The Department of trade and industries. The department of higher education and training.

These departments amongst other and many municipalities HAVE received a preliminary of chapters 1 to 4, during 2015 and will be further consulted. The department of labor together with the department of justice and health will resolve the conditions of punitive action for any serious miss-conduct. DISCIPLINE is NOT a PUNISHMENT but a very essential necessary part of the villages respect to self and other.

Every village inhabitant and enterprise will constantly be encouraged and assisted to experiment and further develop new products, thoughts and ideas. With industry in mind, we will singularly and or collectively research, develop and perfect the many-many theories to a practical operation for one or more of the village members to produce or manufacturers together with the trainee and employer.

As before stated, we will collectively maintain a research department with the necessary talent and equipment to equal a very intelligent seek, experimental and operational laboratory for further production, this alongside the medical laboratory or as may be required. Section F describes a very exciting extension to the village which will compete on the open market creating a very challenging best educated employment and on-site residents. Constant DEVELOPMENT and up-dating are necessary for progress.
The above developments will / must go hand in hand with the present advances in technology facing the various financial and manufacturing bottle necks. No matter what you do or think, money is the overriding factor. The village will and must constantly be looking ahead, seek develop and prosper. The village will scrutinize and develop your idea for feasibility. The world is riddled with money and power greed. (Over populated money hoarders.)

The motivator talking to a class or audience, half the class living in the slums are listening but not hearing. The speaker had probably never been to a dump site where youngsters are living and collecting bottles, metal & plastic for a living. This is not the speakers’ or others’ fault, this is very-very poor governance. It is not your duty alone to save the world. We will however show the many that there is a better future for the world. South Africa is shaking at its foundations.

After the rumblings and the dust have settles down, we will prosper, very soon, within the next few year. It is very premature to talk about shift working. However, should a business have the offset and wish to utilize his / her equipment and machinery 24 / 5 this could be arranged. The village and partner will find a way to maintain study and relaxing. South Africa will soon develop into a growing national industrial output of add-on products after the dust have settled and stabilized.

South Africa has of the most pleasant and diversified people with over excited ideas and thoughts to put into practice. South Africa has a very good financial, banking, monetary, industrial and intelligent research academy. Education will improve as we progress. Entertainment, education, housing, shopping, night life and business are good. We have a beautiful useful coast line from cool to warmer water, beaches, swimming, diving, fishing and boating.

The animals, forestry, mountains, valleys and business diversity are good, but could and must better. South Africa is a beautiful and resourceful country with the most helpful people. We envisage the village will produce a very wide range of power tools, electrical motors and the necessary batteries for powering motion such as Cars and sola. A full range of AC and DC powered products, components and ride on electric devices from scratch, designing the above and other like jewelry, instruments, electronic components like computers, TV, radios and toys.
The various farming activities will be exploited to the maximum, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, flowers, hides. Frozen, bottled, caned, dried and other. The list is endless. There are so many other items. We will not need to increase the prices because they will be produced at a very comfortable costing. We have devised ways to reduce costing. The executive investors are patent and willingly waiting for a return.

The village employer will show a return soonest production commences. We will have distinctive minded sections working in harmony with the same objectives. Education, gain, stresses free, healthy living, enjoyment, economics and development. Our hospital will cater for most needs. As before said, the village will develop a day hospital avoiding bedding and educating self-defense or better known as a healthier life style for self and other at home and work. All will learn and understand the medical restraints and the human body as a very competent defender to the willing and able humans’ resistance for the average human body.

Chapter 28, Farming, shortly identifies differing healthy methods of self-employment under conditions enabling any reasonably educated person to generate an encouraging income. The average South African is a very diligent worker but we will need to improve the working ethics, disciplined work and education by explaining, demonstrating, mentoring and encouraging.

South Africa’s + - 60 million people make up a mixture of South Africans together with every other nationality of the world. The villages’ export potential is very wide open to be exploited to the fullest and the village will accept and or assist any good proposal. Good could mean anything so don’t be shy, but we must be realistic, reasonable and we will investigate the feasibility together with you for the production and distribution. The future manufacturing employer will concentrate and use extensive new technology and thoughts for future survival.
We will slowly but surely develop and construct the newest methods and equipment to execute the unthinkable of the future together with you. Education, discipline, satisfaction, health, entertainment, pleasure, and good thoughts together with exports and our employers generating a fair ROI.

WE CAN. WE WILL. Bring your thoughts and ideas. The applicant, employer, employee, spouse, dependents and learners will acknowledge and abide by the villages code of conduct and fully agree with the strict rules and working conditions. A short overview of the average South African. The majority have been promised all sorts but never taught to provide for self-sustainability.

As above stated,” South African’s are very willing.” The reader must not interpret this as the most willing or intelligent majority. The village will advance from the average intelligent to the majority as we expand and widen with intelligent discussions, experiments and prototyping for village and your thoughtful ideas. The bigger idea is to put yours and village thoughts into exports.

WE CAN—WE WILL. The villages laboratories will be for the industrial and medical advances. The author should be very careful not to over emphasize the ability of the future village’s potential, but, with the collection of intelligent investors with similar thoughts and ideas adding your outrageous ideas to a reality, why not !.

We will not further discus the comfortable intelligent education to the skills learner and employees or employers. Read further for progress. The medical, veterinary, vegetable, fruit, fish, animal and other eatables, the laboratory will soon become a world-wide requirement of satisfaction and trustworthiness to all edibles coming from the village and all Africa, this will probably spread to a worldwide requirement.
The industrial division will expand into a recognized unit of prototyping, developing and perfecting the most unthinkable, useable and useful future needs of South Africa and the World. The village laboratories will be a village managed management assignment and housed in separate locations.Partners and assistances will be discussed at a later date. The reader is however welcome to suggest or put forward a proposal.