Chapter 9

2015 Publication extended


South Africa is a very diverse country in thought, culture, religion, and language. Although the state is obliged to accommodate the above including education, it is your responsibility to learn and understand your, business, work, customers, culture, family, and contacts. South Africa’s learning literature is English, Afrikaans, and gaining African.

Most unemployed are anxious and willing to exercise one or another means to provide for themselves and loved ones if only they have access to the necessary know-how and means to the appropriate guidance. South Africa is very-very far behind fostering innovation and education to manufacturing, export, and management leadership. Skills education and restrictive labour laws must be readdressed. The misunderstanding and financing for education is neglected and or abused.

The learner is to engage in a skill of practical hands-on skill together with theory as a learning program. Most of the learning is towards a chosen career of choice; this will be one of the many practical hands-on trades and is towards entrepreneurship, employment, and the necessary business requirements. This is very intensive and covers alternatives as also a vast number of secondary understandings to assist all who must understand discipline, responsibility, behaviour, financials, social grace, health, pride, self-esteem, accounting, arithmetic, efficient money management, and many other. In short, to be a successful entrepreneur you must think ahead and out of the box, utilising and understanding the parallel opportunities at your disposal.

The village will help. We hear of the 4th revelation; most have no idea what we are talking about. Reflecting on the past 100 years and then consider our present circumstances; the future is defiantly going to be very different. How we can visualise but the future is going to change more and faster than the world is prepared for. Mankind can adapt very fast if and when necessary. The unwilling or not prepared to be useful will become redundant.

Our overpopulated under-educated and or inadequate or wrong subjects and ability to transfer the necessary qualifications will require serious attention. One working or earning without hiring is not necessarily an entrepreneur, a self-employed yes. This writing is a proposed project not a lesson. Every training learner will be trained to become an entrepreneur; all will not succeed or want to be an entrepreneur.
When you know what is required to be a employer you will know why the boss requires standards. The village is an educational institution with a difference, the very newest thoughts and ideas accumulating from all the inhabitants, employers, employees, scholars and learners. You MUST help the educator to help you achieve a pleasant atmosphere of learning.

Village is not a playground, you are here to learn, and learn you will. Should you not understand a statement or any other lessons or any other literature, ask. All participants will be adults, willing skills learners wishing to engage in this program of future advancement. After your term of hands on study you will “shine” above other and or create a self-business. To dream and scheme is a good idea provided your dream has a rainbow at the end.

Explore the dream you are most comfortable with, evaluate all the possibilities, ask questions and involve other if necessary. The potential entrepreneurs who know and fully understand the business together with the necessary management skills, passion and financials have a better result. Be aware, every position has a manager; even your home life is managed, normally the father is the manager and the mother the assistant. A good manager leader is normally an agile active person constantly mixing, communicating and motivating the family or employee’s creating satisfaction resulting into a good bottom line.

The boss and the supervisor must know his / her people and surroundings. Do not compromise your ability. Do not fear your past. A so-called headache is caused by stress, stress is caused when you warry over un-necessary thoughts that will probably never happen. The village will allocate more time on the newest technological issues as the new works driver. Industry will more and more depend on people with a good understanding of the how, when, where of your works’ and surroundings including the proper use of equipment and technology.

Simply said, the employer expects an employee to do the job. Very few are technologically qualified in a multitude of various computerised devices. The new learner entrepreneur should think very carefully about all the new advantages available with parallel outcomes. You can be assured, study, learn, practice and know what you are doing; you will never be without work. Only you are responsible for your future. Always be aware of your surroundings. Strive for an activate method of lowering costs rather than increases the selling price.
As before, the village will approach university, industries and many other for help and assistance as an ongoing program and the willingness of international originations to share some of their knowledge. The learners’ stay at the village will be shorter than necessary; however, every learner who realises the situation will do well. Unfortunately, the law of averages is going to dump any who cannot.

Do not waste your time, this is one of the reasons for strict discipline and there definitely will be consequences. Your time at the village will be as comfortable and pleasurable as conditions, yourself and funding will allow. Absorb all you can, exploit this once off opportunity. Learning requires discipline and the right frame of mind to prosper, be it work or play. Social grace and social discipline are far more important and necessary than most realise, observe and take note of a successful negotiator and or the successful entrepreneur, stay focused and bypass others shortcomings.

Many criticise the foreigners from northern states operating township shops. Why? These foreigners would not exist if the locals were a little more inventive and business like. We will always have the satisfied through to the never satisfied, from the tired unhealthy, grumpy, unwilling or sitting around moping, complaining, drinking or scheming something unethical or unpleasant. Is the foreigners spaza shop recognised or allowed in South Africa, if yes, they must be protected. If NO, they must be swiftly registered or directly deported. Most countries around the world have rules and regulations governing visitors or immigrations, work-seekers, students, and or other.

An immigrant or non- South African shop owner, truck driver or worker is supposed to have a resident status, if not, why is he/she in the country. Should the above have a permit to enter or reside in South Africa, why are they harassed and not protected. Is the new entrepreneur prepared to work longer hours, is he/she prepared to manage with less; Statistics show this is necessary for three to five years before you can relax, by that time you have got so used to the routine you just keep going and learning.

(Do not forsake your family and intelligent friends.) Watch and listen to other who empress you or you think are good business persons. If you do not wake up in the morning with enthusiasm about going to work as employee or boss, then there is something amiss. Entrepreneur, you must want and enjoy your work with eagerness and willingly to be successful.
The above is difficult without a very good understanding of your work in all its facades. Pre-planning and exercising your plan is very necessary. If you do not know where you are going you will never get there, physically or mentally. Understand calculations, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates, knowing the process of production. Read and study the many books on management, and salesmanship, the buyer will try to twist your arm for a discount, (pricing) you must know your arithmetic as well as the product.

Unless you have an exceptional product, you will have to hunt, look, and advertise for buyers. Do not mix your emotions, religion, or politics when conducting business. Other than what you will learn at the village you could exercise a hobby, many have a great talent for art, sculpture, designing, modeling, and many others. There is a fortune awaiting you simply by compiling, writing, and understanding a nursery rhyme book that could be developed into an African language provided you understand the message and get to produce similar pictures to the understanding of the meaning into an African culture of learning. You could manage without a university degree; you however must have a skill. Should you think the state is unable to help you, surely, if so, you must go ahead doing what your passion and likes tell you, we will teach and help you achieve.

Xenophobia !. What does this mean to most? If a foreigner can sell a legal product cheaper, then all gain and you must do the same, that’s what makes an entrepreneur, how to do business much better. You must stay ahead all the time. Do not blame others. Any contemplating a small too big business must compile a comprehensive business plan together with a cash flow statement that will / must present a full description of how and what you intend to do.

Any partner or money lender will scrutinise this document to assess your ability and potential. Some of the requirements you must stipulate. You MUST compile a business plan, “yourself”. Assistance yes, but you must understand what you have written. Remember, any and every business wants and needs a return on investment. (Guard your ideas, others are looking and watching you.)

Entrepreneurship could be a very lonely process, especially during the early days. It helps if your friends and family are helpful and not negative. Although money is the end goal, you will not reach full success if you cannot lead by example.
Lead by example means, you as an entrepreneur must respect, motivate and educate your staff to work together and in harmony, you must teach and educate your staff without criticisms or shouting but teaching. Since 2000. South Africa has produced more African millionaire than any other country, why? Where are they, what do or have they done with the money?

They haven’t built any factories or create jobs but expect the taxpayer to support and educate the many-many unemployed. The village is twofold, firstly education, so the learner at the workshop, factory will have the ability with the necessary intelligence to deliver a stress-free production and the future entrepreneur having the know-how to become an entrepreneur. South Africa has an abundance of highly skilled people; these people are however not enough and are recruited by foreign countries.

When it comes to money, (balance of payment) a country must export more products than it imports, (manufactured products) this means more money must inter than leaving a country. What has this to do with the entrepreneur? When an entrepreneur, manufacturer or factory pays or costs more to produce than the income, they close down or go bankrupt.

Not much different from a country. When South Africa’s entrepreneurs including our factories can replace a larger percentage of the imported products all will prosper, more will have a successful job with a useful income and more employment. There are many-many jobs called artisan jobs. A survey of actual working trades during 2015 showed earnings between R4000 & R40 000 per month for helpers to welders. Think clearly, ask, and question others. It is better to do a job you have a passion for resulting in less or no stress.

The lady who bakes cookies in her kitchen then decides to bake for sale must do her sums and know the difference between baking for family and baking for profit. Very few hobbies make money until you think of or decide on making money. The hobbyist will only profit once he or she wants to or is a detriment to make a profit. A customer gained should be cherished. South Africa had for many years back depended on exports of agricultural and commodities rather than add-on production. However, South Africa has progressed, but not nearly enough to meet the country’s economics against population growth. Since 1994, progress has been made but very-very selective.
The village will demonstrate and educate all on the methods and needs of production for sale and export. The only stumbling hurdle is “you”. Educate your way to the top. The village will help and show you how. TOGETHER WE WILL. YOU CAN. The village will help by educating and training approximately 15/18000 learners to become entrepreneurs and or employees. The trainee learner must be very willing and able to abide by the very strict rules of the village together with the ability and eagerness will progress.

The village will have a clinic, laboratory, and other similar to teach and absorb a very small number of trainees; these trainees will learn all the first aid needs and could gain junior status. Smoking will be discouraged from no smoking. The clinic and laboratory are discussed on other pages. There will be other subjects such as security, firefighting, transport, clerks, tourist, nurses, agriculture, veterinarian, chef, and plenty other.

The learner will be taught all the above and plenty more to the wanting. The village will patiently teach and educate a learner but never force or bully any to abide by the time table. Any learner who harasses another or drags his, her feet will be transferred or sent packing. You will have a long list to select from. Select responsibly. South Africa has a much-divided language and culture. Many think because they have attended a university, they are guaranteed a job. TAKE NOTE. More village learners will leave into good jobs above university scholars. University is a restriction to many.

Most village learners who learn and study diligently could eventually be better off; you will always be in demand. Another TAKE NOTE. There will soon be more demand for an intelligent thinking tradesman, woman than university scholars. Due to political constraints, there are more so-called brokers, money-movers accountants, and attorneys, and similar than are necessary and it will soon get worse. The leaving learner should continue reading, updating, and studying after village by distance or correspondence learning. If so, you will be ahead of the pack and always be sought after more than the average. The above does not mean the academic-oriented should abandoned university.
You will know and understand the practical together with the necessary literature to become a successful entrepreneur. The boss who understands people's behaviour could and should motivate his staff. Especially the many who grew up without a mentor? Try not to think in a straight line “Think out of the box “. You must train yourself to think ahead, think progressively. Others will NOT divulge or share their winning recipe with you or any other.

You MUST be very-very willing, interested, wanting, and capable with a good level of education in the trade you are or want to be. For example, the farm hand cannot knock off work simply by the clock. The cattle must be home before you go anywhere. Company’s and entrepreneurs should invest in social capital in a safe way. It is not what you know, but what to do with your knowledge and experience you have acquired.

Ask the applicant. Are you wanting work or are you looking for a salary? Think! There are many spaza shops, should they group together and buy in bulk for a better price they will prosper. We will explain and show you how. Remember, there is nothing good, bad, right, or wrong until you are told or your mind or brain decides which. I hear so many offering an opinion on political parties, bosses, farm working, poor, rich, uneducated, and all sorts. Be aware of expressing an opinion that will apply to you sooner or later.

The village is not a charity organisation or welfare department. We are to educate you for the future of yourself, loved ones, and others. You the entrepreneur will not survive without a profit to a business. Please, this does not mean you must be unethical. Taking what life offers is not unethical. When opportunity knocks you must be aware and ready to swiftly analyse and react. I am responsible, which means that you cannot demand from others when you know what you have to do. You cannot rent out your motor garage to a foreigner’s business and then march against the immigrant’s shops.

Never pretend what you are not. Arm yourself by enjoying daily life together with your friends and family. Understand your spouse’s dilemmas with sympathy. Every couple intending to marry should attend an intensive marriage guidance councilor, man-wife understanding, and the various needs for self and partner respect. (Quality marriage guidance councilors and family guidance councilors of quality and affordability are VERY scarce. )
The above sentence goes for work, play, school education, and others. To become an entrepreneur is a profession and must be approached as such. The study, read, and UNDERSTAND what you are reading or doing or supposed to do and know your responsibility’s propyl and completely. The village will help the willing and wanting.

INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT. This chapter is not a lesson, but a number of queries for the entrepreneur and or others who will or should be instructing the necessary to manage them-self and others to plan ahead understanding the needs of an intelligent manager. This chapter is only awareness of the need to think ahead before indulging in a sudden unquestionable thought.

No matter what you have heard, read, or been told, money and power are and have been the bottom line ever since history’s recording. The employer may use any amount of mentoring or other means to increase production, every production method has its time cycle and the employee, in general, has a limit. To overcome this limit the employer or management must improve the working conditions so as to reduce costs.

A detailed discussion between management and workers or from outside could reveal management incompetence, outdated equipment, and or slackness from upstairs, suppliers and or the sales department, inferior material, and many other details needing attention. Be aware, equipment, machinery, material handling, and time lapses between is often overlooked, be this in the office, warehouse or factory, delivery, or under-trained.

We talk of managers, managing leaders, and diseased managers. The manager’s responsibility is to create a working environment for creating the required conditions that are conducive to encouraging success and constantly removing possible obstacles that could cause stress and dissatisfaction of the many other distressing irritations. A managing leader is usually a creative agile person who goes out of his, her way to create and develop conditions enabling and fostering success. Such managers spend less time in the office. A diseased manager is one who has developed a swollen head etude.
They believe they can do no wrong and refuse to admit to any mistakes, makes decisions against better advice or information. They are overly concerned with a commanding position of power and demands overpowering respect from all subordinates, they tend to hire yes SIR people and bully accountants to do as told with minimal understanding of the industry.

The manager of a car park, sheep farm, factory, or hospital will be very differently mentored and or educated. The bottom line is always money, especially if there are shareholders watching you. We will educate you on the reasons and or need for shareholders, State, public or private. Strategic managers. Tactical managers. Operational managers.

Especially since the last world war and before, businesses have been seeking more effective and efficient management leadership. 19-45 the larger unaffected economics did not re-plan and was content on using the old and antique trusted methods of production. Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim region picked up on the enormous technology developed during 1900 / 1945.

The distant industries were not devastated and continued serving their needs but underestimated the consumer’s newest fashions, needs, want and future thoughts whereas the other devastated industries had to start from scratch, they rebuilt themselves and restarted with the very newest technology available and these started passing and or competing against the world. South Africa was not encouraged to export other than mining and farming products, actually discouraged the development of our steel and other mineral deposits.

1945 after Japan fell the Americans sent advisers to Japan helping them re-build. The Japanese learned all the Americans' productive and financial methods and vastly improved this with exports and more loyal devoted employees with very good education and respect resulting into today’s world leaders within the financial, education, and intelligent manufacturers. Africa is way behind the world in training, educating, and mentoring children, managers, staff, and employees into happy efficient contented educated, and disciplined workers and employees to entrepreneurs.

No two countries do or can use the same methods of inspiring loyalty. Africa must attend to its people without broadcasting false hand-outs, greed, and ignorance. The above has developed South Africa into a very big difference between the various cultures, languages, colour, status, position, etude, and greed with a growing divide from ignorance, power, and education.
Past South Africa has been content to import others goods and services using our minerals and often South African talented people’s brains leaving us with 30% unemployed and over 50% of the population living below the bread line. Why? No foresight, no forward planning or vision or constructive decisions on any prosperity for the nation. Only blaming. The village will enlighten the learner to responsible forward planning for home, office, factory, farm or play together with the necessary experience, education, and responsibility.

Management is very necessary together with a very very good understanding of the home and business sector of your operation. The entrepreneur must always be on the lookout for up-dating, expanding opportunities and you must keep your eyes and ears very wide open, study and learn all about the imported, your competition's products, quantity, quality, pricing, distribution, and availability of material, employees, and satisfaction are just some of your needed statistics. You must be aware of the well-established competition, big or small when you think of or decide on operating in another’s turf.

Every area and product have a limit to customer and money circulation, small or big traders. Rental of floor space and services are becoming a very big expense and getting out of hand, especially supermarkets, small and medium manufactures. Pavement traders are also feeling the pinch. The property developers are seen to be competing against one another for tenants, the developers are coming up with outrageous thoughts and ideas to impress tenants and attract shoppers.

This will be overcome when all are educated for sustainable employment. In contrast to the above, should your neighbour be growing hydroponics and the demand is greater than he could supply and you could fill the difference, yes. Remember, it is better to negotiate and share ideas, both will be winners. As a self-manager, you must know and make ethical decisions and this should always remain a priority.

Carless money management, cash-flow management, input versus output, accounting, bank balance, negative cash-flow, and unnecessary spending is a very big reason of failure. South Africa and all Africa must put aside the overburdened greed, wants, and cultural differences including the obsessions and domination in favour of healthy educated prosperity. Learn and advance together with the world’s financial and industrial prosperity, feeding and educating a happy intelligent population, feeding family and self.
We must anticipate and react to local and world trends improving many more into the manufacture ring and business environment. A successful manager is one who can analyse and handle money and people, can think and plan ahead of his competition, it helps if the manager is well acquainted with the industry he-she is managing.

For the South African employer, entrepreneur or supervisor it is advisable or very soon necessary to be well aware of the overburdened labour laws, understanding the social burdens of the people you are managing, and set a good example. Fitness and good health of body and mind is very helpful. Continuity train your employees and subordinates. Today’s managers and supervisors including instructors should or must attend a people’s behavioural cultural and social instruction course or study.

This will improve harmony and satisfaction amongst employees and the bottom line. The future instructor, the manager will need to be more people responsible and sympathetic. South Africa as many other countries have a historical disadvantage with employees living and working distance causing unnecessary traveling every day. The village have recognised this and will be very carefully established together with wellness, entertainment, relaxing of mind and body at work and play.

Relaxation, entertainment, wellbeing, being wanted and appreciated at work, home, and play. Reading and updating your status remains necessary. For example, as the farming department will be a village management sector, The farm learner of 6 to 36 months leadership will need a very selective trainer with specialist’s knowledge of the subject he / she is managing and training.

The farming needs to support a country and village will and must include a vast knowledge and world education. South Africa is well abreast and leaders of the countries and worlds agricultural developments. The village will attract, utilise, and experiment with the progress at hand and available. As before said, the village is not a financial institution but are devising attractive means to include the best brains and production methods the country and world needs. Economics, ability, quality, and loyalty will always be a determining decision.